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dollhouse ftw?
children of dune - leto 1
So I was thinking about what to get my niece for Christmas. I like to get building sets for all children regardless of sex, as I as a child liked to build things for my dolls (and put them into many kinds of cars to zoom around). No, the things were not electronic or attached to electricity--that came later.

Anyway, to combine her love of dolls and the color pink to this, does anyone have recommendations on dollhouse building kits? Fun ones? That involve paint and glue and messy things so I can send her back to her mother with a strong sense of personal satisfaction? I'll be helping. Oh yes, I'll be helping.

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I'm like 90% sure that Melissa and Doug makes a small-ish set, but I can't find it online yet.

What size and what price range are you thinking of?

Like this one?

Maybe she'd also like a castle? For fairy princesses and such...

What an awesome idea! I don't know of any, but when the answer turns up here, I will be glomming on to it for my nieces!

I once got lost for an HOUR in the doll house section of Pearl Paint. TINY MOLDING. TINY FURNITURE.

Oh, I used to make these all the time! I had a wonderful Victorian dollhouse that I built from a kit when I was about 10. How old is your niece?

Assuming she's in the pre-teen area, here are some recommendations that I have: look for ones that don't use too many tools. I had a kit that involved having to saw things to the right length, doing stuff with C-clamps, etc -- that was great, and all, but I just didn't have the time or the space or anything to finish that one. The one I finished, the pieces were stamped out and I had to carefully extract them from the boards, but that was OK. I needed, iirc: Elmer's glue, an X-acto knife, sandpaper, C-clamps, paint & paintbrushes.

It was very similar to this:

I would advise against anything with complicated gingerbready trim. It's easy to break and I had several sobbing fits as I tried to extract it from the stamped boards. Not fun! Yes, you can glue it back together but it's very stressful.

I would also suggest that, since you'll be helping her, you suggest she paint the pieces before putting them together. It's hella annoying to paint afterwards; you have to mask things off and blah blah blah. Easiest to do it before constructing.

Heh. I had a dollhouse when I was young. It was a lot of fun.

A quick google reveals that


has a number of kits for very reasonable prices, with varying reviews.

I've *always* wanted to do the dollhouse thing. Always. Never had the room.

...and omg, now I do! *thumbtacks entry to see what everyone else comes up with*


(yeah, that was useful. sorry)

Hm, Kerbey Lane Dollhouses is still there, near the orginal Kerbey Lane Cafe. As I recall, they were more on the high end, but I bet they'd be glad to recommend kits for you.

Any recs for boys' books, just in the Harry Potter stage? I've picked up the Pratchett Bromeliad Trilogy, the first Diane Duane So You Want To Be A Wizard book...any other suggestions?

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