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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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all over the place
children of dune - leto 1
Updated and corrected the rules for the_treasury. I shouldn't be this tense about it. *g* But seriously, I am. Jangling nerves and all.

Probably doesnt' help I cheated on Juan the Translator Guy with Tom the Translator Guy. Whilst waiting for Client to finish filling out change sheet, we discussed our weekend plans. Mine involve going to a baby shower. Yes, I am the party girl from hell. I'm not sure Tom the Translator Guy wasn't laughing his ass off when we got off the phone after a passionate goodbye and promises to call again.

Okay, this is kind of disturbing, as the passionate part didnt' happen, though I did say I'd call again. *g* Dramatizing my telephone life with a translation firm? One, I might add, that isn't even located in Texas?


A caseworker quit today, which is sad. Another coworker had an allergic reaction to something. There weren't many clients, so I played with the copy machine and the shredder. Which is, you know, immature, but kind of better than how I entertained myself earlier this week, which is making small balls of paper and throwing them unexpectedly at people as I passed their offices. But only when I knew they would'nt catch me.

Yep, I know, I'm so wild and crazy. Just stacking up the vendettas. This could be what burnout feels like. Or just simple exhaustion. I have to get a day to sleep late. Seriously, it's now become a matter of some urgency--I just don't get TIRED before midnight anymore and I haven't been able to shift. Which is, you know, okay for a bit, but seriously, SLEEP already.

Besides sleep-deprivation paranoia (yes, cjandre, the rabbits are after me) and my oh so exciting phone social life, I did have a fun experience shopping the other day. As I got to price chenille yarn (think that is spelled right) and realized that while I like a lot of people enough to make them afghans, until someone offers me some kind of organ in exchange, they're going to have to stick to plain yarn. EIGHT DOLLARS A SKEIN????? TEN SKEINS TO MAKE ANYTHING? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

But dammit, the pattern is pretty, and the gloss--*grits teeth*. I do not need a separate savings account specifically to save up for yarn. That will only highlight how truly bizarre my life has become.

Finally unloaded a couple of baby blankets I made up last year and put away. Must start and finish one for cousin, soon. Also one for emergency babies. And well, baby blankets are fun and mindless work and so pretty.

Mulling dyeing rest of hair electric red. Screw conformity and good taste. I want to have strawberry colored hair, literally. But then again, I really wanted a pony as a child and that fell through. I could be compensating.

A few recs I missed, due to stupidity.


The Telling of All This by tiffany rawlins. I read it on a link from LJ earlier this week and went, huh. THAT is different. And you will too. Extremely interesting conflict. And a Clark that's making me curious.

Wonderland by Rhiannonhero. Mmm. Pretty Clexy porn. With tiny bits of h/c in there like sprinkles. Mmmm. Yes.

Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You by tstar78 She blows my mind. Five GOOD AUs, all skewed and strange and maybe sweet and kind of creepy. I'm good for three and four especially. *hugs Caro* Amazing, hon.

Disturbers of the Peace by calico. Whoa DOGGIES. Non-verbal. Sexy, yes, hot, yes, but location and motivation just kill me dead. Delicious. I wnat to keep her forever and ever somewhere safe, where she will write MORE like this in SV. *grins and sighs*

Coffee. And sugar. And a snowcone. I really have no idea why on the last, but still. Mmm. Snowcone.

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But then again, I really wanted a pony as a child and that fell through. I could be compensating.


I can't believe your mocking my life-changing pony trauma that has forever destroyed any chance I have for happiness!!!!!! Or at least, most of the good chances. I think.

Okay, it ruined a FEW chances, but dammit, they were good chances! Or so I've surmised.

*sniffles and wanders off to sulk*

*sees shiny thing and goes oooh!*

Aw, Jenn, I wasn't mocking, I swear! I was just amused by your phrasing. Personally, I never suffered the trauma of wanting a pony and not getting one.

I did have a passing fancy to learn to play the harp, but I never had the self-discipline to stick to the piano, so in retrospect a harp proably would have just turned out to be a funky ornament gathering dust in a corner...

*hugs Caro* Amazing, hon.

*hugs back* Thanks sweetie. It means a lot.

You know what's just the right size for chenille yarn? Little tiny chenille teddy bears. I had a pattern... once... somewhere. They make good little kid gifts, and only take about a skein.

Okay, Cheap-Crafty-Person not exactly the swashbuckling image I like to project, but there you have it.

If you live near a JoAnn's, you can go to their online site and join their snailmail list. Every other week or so you'll get a coupon for half off any one item. That's how I buy all my yarn. :)

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