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random hope: house 5.2

House 5.2 whatever it is called....

Unpopular opinion (below cut, spoilers):

Okay, despite the fact I cannot remember PI Guy's name, can Wilson stay away a while and we keep this one? Because there is nothing that is not awesome about House and PI Guy. And the idea of House putting the guy on retainer for friend-type purposes works for me in a variety of ways that are very hard to articulate but come down to the fact that I love, love, love their interaction. I love just--I cannot explain this well, but I was deeply moved to just want an episode of them walking around being weird and quasi-friendly and God, they are alike except not at all and I lose articulation.

This works for me. I have an entire train of thought regarding House and pay as you go relationships (and a moment of fascination when he was with the architect chick and said he hadn't given up--I think all the audience was surprised to hear that) and this is just neat.
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