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random hope: house 5.2
children of dune - leto 1
House 5.2 whatever it is called....

Unpopular opinion (below cut, spoilers):

Okay, despite the fact I cannot remember PI Guy's name, can Wilson stay away a while and we keep this one? Because there is nothing that is not awesome about House and PI Guy. And the idea of House putting the guy on retainer for friend-type purposes works for me in a variety of ways that are very hard to articulate but come down to the fact that I love, love, love their interaction. I love just--I cannot explain this well, but I was deeply moved to just want an episode of them walking around being weird and quasi-friendly and God, they are alike except not at all and I lose articulation.

This works for me. I have an entire train of thought regarding House and pay as you go relationships (and a moment of fascination when he was with the architect chick and said he hadn't given up--I think all the audience was surprised to hear that) and this is just neat.

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I think we're actually in S5. :-)

I like the PI guy, too; I'm with you on the pay-as-you-go friendship model and how it fits House in a weird wa, and I like the ways in which he and the PI guy are alike only not. (Brain, only not brain.)

I do hope we get Wilson back; he's pretty and I think he and House are fucked up and MFEO. But I'd like to see some real change arise as a consequence of this rift between them. I wish I trusted the show to actually follow through & go there.

Correcting to five. amireal lied.

Oh, I totally want Wilson back eventually. I just really want to see development of PI Guy and House in their thingie, whatever it might be. As it is weirdly fascinating to watch him interact with PI Guy. They are just--I don't even know. But I want to slash them.

Can't we have Wilson come back and be all jealous of their developing bond while his and House erodes--of his own doing? Wouldn't that make for great possibilities and angry/makeup sex?

(See, ya gotta plan ahead, man. If you're gonna bring someone into an OTP, it has to be a competitor, not a replacement, or even if they are awesome-sauce, they'll fail with fandom, who, above all, prizes the loyalty inherent in an OTP...)

*lip trembles* I want both!

Mostly because of the OMG FAST BOND and their WEIRDNESS and now they don't even *LIKE* each other but they think alike and I find that amazingly awesome. And Wilson can continue to sulk and talk about his feelings for a while and wonder a little why House stopped stalking him.

Because he totally wasn't surprised that House was, and it would be very upsetting if he thought House had stopped.

YES TO THIS. The PI guy was about 50 kinds of awesome, and while I so want Wilson back, I want the PI guy to stay around and cause trouble and there could be a triangle and everything. So much gay love potential it almost HURTS.


...and I love PI guy. He's just such a weird, weird guy. I cannot wait until next week. THIS IS THE BEST SEASON YET SO FAR (provided they do not mess it up).

Besides, Wilson got what's her name. House should get PI guy. It's only fair.

Actually, most posts I've seen have loved PI Guy. Generally for the reasons you've stated.

I loved him, too.

PI guy is deeply awesome. *GLEE*

My favorite part: When PI Guy said his fee included the footage from the fight all perfect and how House wanted it and House just gave that tiny smile of awesome. Yes. He so wanted PI guy RIGHT THEN.

I agree! I liked the PI guy far more than I thought I would. I'd be pleased as punch for Wilson to stay away for a while. And House needs more friends. I don't count the current or former ducklings in that relationship and Cuddy is too adversarial most of the time.

Yes, this. This. He does, and PI Guy is perfect for it!

ITA! I loved the P.I. guy. And if they really are giving the character his own spin-off show (which was the rumor going around a few months ago), we might actually get to keep him around for a long time! :)

...oh my happiness is legion.


I thought exactely the same thing! I've never really been a fan of the Wilson House relationship - not because I dislike Wilson, but because their friendship was so depressingly poisonous. PI guy though, was awesome on a stick. Their conversations were almost healthy!

He is he is he is! Awesome on a stick! A cane! House's cane and that went some places I shouldnt' have gone, stopping now.

My love for PI Guy is pure.


Also someone should get RIGHT ON writing all the ideas in comments. Pouting! Jealousy!

PI guy and House would have awesome arguments that end in sex 'cause they'd argue the same way and House would get pissed off.

Yes yes yes, they would. This fills me with glee. GLEE I TELL YOU.

House and PI guy were adorable together! Made of cute.

But then I also liked House and Random Doctor guy who watched monster trucks. (Scene. Made. Of. Gold.)

I'm okay with Wilson disappearing for a while, but I want him to come back when he realizes that all that crap he said to House in 5x01 is stuff Amber said to him, and he was dumping it on House to hurt him. And while it was all true, Wilson's dysfunctional, too, and it worked for them. ♥theirloveissofuckedup♥

Yes! This! Because hell yes they are dysfunctional, it's something Wilson wants just as much as House does. Wilson != not a victim of evil House. Wilson == totally into his part in their relationship. Which is what annoyed me, and still annoys me about Wilson is I think the only person who even remotely realizes this is Cuddy. I'm pretty sure Wilson and everyone else really believe Wilson is just that awesome a martyred human being. It's--gah. Something.

PI Guy was amaaaaazing!! And I agree, Wilson can stay away a little while. Not only does House need more friends, he needs more amazingly slashy friends to make Wilson insanely jealous. >3

Because seriously, Wilson's world revolves around House just as much as House's world revolves around Wilson. It's like this ... mutual, revolve-y thing! *hand wave-y* And it's totally going to throw Wilson's entire world out of whack if House is suddenly not paying attention to him anymore.


My glee, it is strong.

Just for your edification, and because you will facepalm

Tonight's episode title?

"Not Cancer"

(also I like P.I. Guy too)

Edited at 2008-09-25 01:23 am (UTC)

Re: Just for your edification, and because you will facepalm

...I did not facepalm for like, an entire second there.


I really, really enjoyed PI guy, although it was very sad when they were snarking back and forth and House seemed to be enjoying himself and then PI guy reminded him that he was paying for it. *wibbles* Except now that I think about it, maybe PI guy was *reminding himself* that this wasn't friendship, that he was trying to keep it businesslike. Maybe he is as lonely as House, and while he's on retainer House will teach him to lie properly and he will teach House even *more* ways of breaking into places and...

hee hee. yes. lots of yes.

See, I pretty much agree.

I want Wilson back, but I don't want him back right away. Mostly because I get a kick out of pining House.

But the P.I. guy is awesome, as someone who tell House how it is without having ulterior motives to 'make him better' that everyone else on the show seems to try at one point or another. He doesn't lecture. He just tells him straight out. I can't tell you how much of a relief that is. It's gotten to the point when someone starts lecturing to House, I have to roll my eyes. Because it NEVER works, so cut it out. Try something else.

And P.I. Guy seems weirdly naive with the way that he let House manipulate him. And I kind of want to see what else House makes him do, and how much he ends up charging House for it. And how often he takes House off guard by the things that he knows.

I like the dynamic of a character that isn't a patient, or another doctor.

It's so awesome.

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