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The Toybox

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this is not a normal monday
children of dune - leto 1
It's making me really uneasy that several of my flist are reporting they had trouble sleeping last night, as I finally fell asleep a bit after five am to get up at seven fifteen, which I will say sucks. Now granted, I have insomnia like whoa. But not usually until five am. And certainly not when the sleep is, at best, something I'm not even sure happened.

I was thinking UFOs. I'm willing to say I could be wrong, but I'll need proof.

I have this feeling--crazy thought--that this week is going to suck. A lot.

Yeah, I was up until 2:30 am for no good reason. I have no idea... Solar flares, man, solar flares.

Or maybe it's an autumn thing, where our circadian rhythms are all off due to waning sunlight.

There is that. Though I'm kinda attached to my aliens. *sad*

(Deleted comment)
I am bonding with the coffee too. *clutches cup desperately*

I managed a full eight hours. Granted, I was hoping for more, but I've been so damn tired lately (looong work hours, and 1.5 days off in the last month), that I'm not surprised I got 8 hours. I also took a 2-hour nap yesterday.

Mmm. Naps.

*wistful* I like naps.

I just opened up LJ with the intent of moaning about the fact that I got NO sleep last night and dragged myself through the day only with the aid many caffinated beverages.

This is unusual for me because, although I used to be a raging insomniac, I've not had any inexplicable sleep problems of note in a couple of years. When I went to bed last night, I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get to sleep, but when I got there, it was all O.O

UFOs it is.

*winces* Yes, this. Tired. And unable to sleep.

UFO theory FTW!

I myself had no trouble sleeping. The baby was another story entirely.

Child slept fantastically. I spent ten minutes this morning resenting his bouncing well-restedness.

I slept like a log! I'm in Europe, though. According to movies, aliens pretty much only ever go to America, so I guess that makes sense.

*chokes* This is--sad.

Hey, Dr. Who says all aliens go to London. And the rift is in Wales. So there.

(Deleted comment)
If it makes you feel better I slept great last night.

Well, technically, it should, but I find myself resenting it anyway.

This resentment is inversely proportional to the amount of coffee remaining in my coffee cup. *stare into cup* There is not much.

I got like 12 hours but my sleep schedule is fucked to fucking hell and I probably could've slept another six or so without blinking.

I share the feeling the week is going to suck, though. Already went home sick from work early, am having arthritis flare from hell.

Well, I had my sleep weirdly interrupted early this morning, was awake for some hours and then fell asleep again to wake much later than usual. I think the time frame coincides with your late evening... OTOh I just have sometimes trouble to stay asleep, so I can't necessarily blame it on UFOs.

Took sleeping pill due to current meds for bronchitis not letting me sleep. Woke up at 3 am when my partner elbowed me in the back and couldn't fall back asleep until about 5 am. Somehow, in the half hour before my alarm went off, had an extremely vivid dream involving what amounted to poorly scripted show boat community theater. I am seriously contemplating using this as a fic idea...

I have decided that sleep is for the weak and unworthy. I've been up for well over 36 hours now and am doing stupid, sleep deprived shit just because *I can*.

At least I have a reason for it - hotel bed, hotel noise, stupid front desk messaging me at three in the morning.

I'm surprised at the synchronicity, though. Wow.

Yeah, I'm another that had an awful night's sleep. Poor aliens, getting a bum rep.

Just thought of something... Today is Mabon, astrologically speaking. Maybe the Gods were just fucking with us all, and there were no aliens involved?

I couldn't fall asleep, must have finally dozed off at some point after 3:30am because I woke from some very disturbing and unhappy-making dream images at five-something...

UFOs. Has to be.

Oh. Ori?