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You know, I totally didn't see it coming. There was flailing! And wings! And a freaking angel, which is just--an angel! A messenger of God! Who chose a deeply hot body to borrow.

And I'm not surprised at all. I mean, surprised it went this way, sure. But surprised Dean's a new recruit to be the sword of God? Not really.

Start over:

1.) Grave. Not as good as Buffy, but scared me to death.

2.) Appliances. Wow, the thing that terrifies me the most. Thank you Ring. I needed those TVs to come on randomly.

3.) Ruby. Oh my. You know, it's not that I think she's actively in the pursuit of evil (though I'm curious if that's what will happen; I'll be disappointed if it is). I just think the show's made some interesting points about ends, means, and how grey space isn't your friend when you keep forgetting what white looks like.

Okay, see, I hate that phrase "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" because seriously, it's mostly not. It's paved with lots of mixed intentions that have perhaps a goal considered good but usually ends up in the range of selfish straight to stupid. It's a grey path, really. And as you trip down it, it gets darker. I don't think Ruby's intentions are pathed on good so much as something in the grey range. Which is why Sam learning his powers is both awesome and really bad. Awesome because he should. Really bad because he's learning it with not good intentions.

4.) My love for Bobbby is pure. He's the only sensible person there.

5.) Angels just make the weirdest sense. I feel idiotic I didn't guess with the eyes; staring into Light does that.

6.) That was the greatest entrance in history. That was just kickass. That was--wow. Fantastic. And the angel's bewilderment in Dean not being able to see him (emphasis on special) and surprised at Dean's sense of worth on the scale of humanity. And being recruited from hell.

Of course, now I wonder if Sam had been there with Dean and Bobby, if he would have come? He didn't come to the psychic, and he didn't come when Sam was in the room, so I'm guessing against coincidence.

7.) You know. Of all the places there could be demons. At Dean's resurrection Sam just happens to be in the same city. I can't think of a reason for that, but I also don't think it was random.

Below, random thoughts.


If there is a secondary theme that runs through this show and is given voice, a lot, it is the absolute non-specialness of Dean in the supernatural lexicon. That is like, his defining characteristic--not special. He could carry it on a card around with him--no epic destiny, no freaky powers, eats normal food, is always well armed. Just human.

Dean, however, is surrounded by all these awesomely special people of specialness. This is like, emphasized by his own mental not-special place, and by like, half the eps reminding us that Dean is not special like that. Dean's just this guy with a crazy dead father, a dead mother, a psychic epic-destinined brother; this guy who dies three times, who demons would take in trade for Sam's life--you know, with this angel thing added to canon, that has some interesting new dimensions added--and who, for reasons best known to other demons, was too valuable to trade for Sam's soul (assuming Sam tried, and I'm pretty sure he did), and was rescued by an angel sent by God....

Even eyeing this from a multiple writer perspective, either Dean has literally the greatest number of coincidences known to man, or the point of his existence is that humanity is really awesome. That being ordinary in supernatural terms, being a guy who kills demons because they're evil and stops evil because he can is fairly extraordinary.

Angels. Really?

The religion and various incarnations of angels is kind of fascinating to read (and guess what I'll be reading up on this weekend), but the most interesting concept of them as beings without will and without any particular concept of a conscience, seeing as they are, you know, the manifestation of the will of God. Good and evil are kind of superfluous at that point when your commander is God.

I have this entire train of thought on why Dean would be the more likely to be recruited by the lighter side of the force if what you are looking for in your warriors is an absolute devotion to right and a general sense that they will get the job done period. But it sounds incredibly stupid to write, even though I find it weirdly appropriate since Dean's life is lived in blind devotion to absolute right as interpreted by John Winchester.

I mean--okay, his utter non-faith aside--he's like a freaking Jesuit when it comes to the mission. This makes him lousy for demon recruitment, but pretty freaking awesome if you want someone who a.) is focused on The Right b.) is kind of scary about how he gets to it and c.) had a lifetime of practice doing it. He's not real bendy on evil. He's not really bendy, period.

Hmm. This does make me worry for Sam. He's very bendy.

Gah. I need sleep. This is possibly not even readable.
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