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There is this moment. This--epiphany, if you will. This occurs around, say, one o'clock, six clients in line, four of which do not speak Spanish, and you're...

You're FLIRTING with Juan the Translator Guy (name changed to protect the innocent) on the phone while Non-English Speaking client fills out a Change of Address form.

And you realize, this, *this* is the extent of your social life.

Juan the Translator Guy: Busy today?
Jenn the Pathetic: Pretty much, yeah. Oh, she's done. Could you tell her that I need verification or have her mail it in?
Juan: Sure, Jenn.
Jenn: Next person in line.
Juan: Lots of people?
Jenn: Like you wouldn't believe. We're changing computer software, you know.
Juan: You said something about that.
*jenn realizes that life is going surreal when one's translator remembers these things*
Jenn: My weekend is going to suck again.
Juan: Your boyfriend must be very understanding.
Jenn: The box shaped one on my desk? He has his bitter moments.
*client makes noise about an appointment.*
Jenn: La cita in el correo, si? Gracias.
Juan: Your Spanish is getting better.
Jenn: I'm sure that's why they all laugh when I talk to them.
Juan: You won't need us at all soon!
Jenn: *very dramatic* Trust me, Juan, I'll always need you.

There's a kind of horror that comes about when you are calling a translation line enough to get vaguely familiar with three of the translators. There are two others that I use enough to recognize. And that you are flirting with one. Because that moment? THAT moment you realize if the world ended tomorrow? It could only be making your life better.

Did I mention I had my work computer playing "goodbye to you" in the background? I am almost a cliche. Of what, I have no idea. But there it is.

*sighs* This would scare me more if I wasn't hypped up on McDonalds, M&Ms, and enough junk food to sink a small ship.

R-read Lanning's latest. Still want to have her babies. Also, want to have her CLex on Smallville, but I almost want to say it's more likely Lannig will agree to the baby thing first.

Updated Rules and Procedures for the_treasury are being posted tonight when I'm done with this entry, along with the very slightly revised timeline, which has moved by about twenty four hours when I realized I would not be getting a Saturday off until around the apocalypse or my own unplanned death.

And the freakiest part? I am in a disgustingly good mood. Seriously. I have English muffins and bought Child some Spiderman shoes.

Okay, now it's official. I *have* no life. I need multiple cats now. As I have a bad, bad feeling that is my destiny.

I shall name them all Charles, just for the hell of it.
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