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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the second coming of an ice age
It's currently 69.3 F outside. This is very, very, very disturbing.

*looks out window suspiciously*

Do you think even the weather is mourning poor Merrill Lynch and Wall Street?

Yes, more likely Ike, but the only way I can look at my retirement account without hysterics right now is mocking Wall Street.

Seriously. I have my sweater on non-ironically. Okay, it's also always chilly in this building, but outside? Chilly!

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(Deleted comment)
*grim* I am feeling vaguely missed-the-bullet about not getting a condo two years ago, I can tell you that.

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(Deleted comment)
I can't even look at my 401K. I think when my next quarterly statement comes? I'll just set it on fire on the patio, unopened. Better for my blood pressure that way.

... and you know what else? I was set to make a ranty-post about this in the near future but what the hell: I just had one credit card jack my interest rate by 9% percent, and another cancel me outright. My credit score is higher now than it has been in years and I haven't missed a single payment, not even after the divorce.

They're jacking rates and lowering or cutting off credit limits to juice the balance sheet, and people who had NOTHING to do with the subprime mortgage market get to suffer for it. Assholes.

It's 61 here.

Also I suspect my application for a personal loan will now be laughed out of the skies. *BELIEVES IN HER OWN BANK*

(Deleted comment)
I would have loved it if I'd known before I wnet outside to the car! I AM COLD!

It's selfish, but I'm kind of cranky about it. It's like, my parents got to be adults through a time of relative prosperity, and when I finally get out of grad school, and get my first career track job... I worry I'm not going to get the same chances, economically speaking, as they did. I feel like my generation is going to have to spend more time and resources on doing things the right way, ecologically and economically speaking, because of what the boomers and the older members of GenX did, and have fewer resources for ourselves.

*nod* I don't disagree. And it's irritating.

(Deleted comment)
I am philosophical. Though apparently, it will be worse tomorrow.

*stares at 457 with a sigh*

I just moved to DFW this summer. This is the first time I've felt even vaguely human since MAY! Weather in September should NEVER be over 70 degrees. *nodnod* If it keeps up, I will get my coat and scarf out of storage! *happy dance*

HEE! But we Texans are not used to it!

I opened the windows and the cats are happy. They can smell the outdoors again! (I think it's our little sorry-the-rain-missed-you present from the weather gods, myself.)

I am so happy I didn't jump on the Buy a House! bandwagon a couple of years back. I knew I could not afford it, with my debt load and paycheck. Ironically, I'm in better financial shape than I have been in a long time--I'll have 2 small cards paid off next month and the mid-sized one by the end of next year, if all goes well *knocks wood*.

God, me too, when all those condos came out and looked so good? *blows out breath* I hate to say thank God for credit card debt and going back to school debt, but that seriously made me decide not to even risk the possibility of overstretching myself in any way.

If it makes you feel any better, we're waiting for it to heat up to 64 outside today...

I fear my retirement account. At the very least though, I should have some job secutiry - I work for the Bankruptcy department of a major bank. I think I can safely say our department is one of the few not at risk right now. Then again, I may have just cursed us all.

*grins* You're right; very nice security!

(Deleted comment)
First--love your icon. *purrs*

We're usually in the eighties/nineties/100s this time of year. So sixty-nine is very confusing!

I can't wait for chilly! I've had it with hot & sticky.

Since I work at Freddie Mac, and the husband works at Fannie Mae, I'm just hoping we don't have to retire a whole lot earlier than we'd planned. 0_0

*whimpers* Oh damn. Good luck! The news looks good so far! Though lets face it, I only know what I read.

*sends hugs*

It very disturbing that my brain goes right for "Awesome Walking Weather, go go go go" whenever I open the door to my house. I just want to go outside and lay in grass, walk to the store, and get some actually exercise. =D


Is it not AWESOME?! My AC is off and my windows are open. YAY FRESH AIR.

*winces thiking about 401K* I'm not looking forward to the next statement that's for sure.

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