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Okay, what weirds me out about this site is that it sounds so over the top. It does, yet if you have ever worked customer service, every so often you read one and think, oh, God. I remember that.

Take this one:

Once a long time ago, or like, a year and a half, I was on the phone when our fire alarm went off. There's no way to tell between testing and real, and frankly, I do not care. I do not like fire when applied to my skin.

The chick I was on the phone with--and the alarm in the building is not subtle, and I held up the phone just in case--would not get off the phone. I don't remember the conversation, mostly because of near-potential-death and irritation, but it was pretty much that surreal.


A perky scientist came on the science channel to talk about how time travel is totally possible, leading to an escalating argument with one's eleven year old on the nature of dark matter (this did not come standard in the parenting manual and I did not have time to wiki; guess who won that argument). It is not fun to be pwned. He's grounded from working at CERN, which I added to grounded from not working on the Mars landing.

My parental thrills are cheap and easy.

My other option is the next perky scientist that does this, I will write down his/her name and when Child is in need of interning somewhere, that is where he will go. I can think of no worse punishment for anyone, unless it is waking up to Child saying "Mom, it was just an experiment, okay?" I still don't know what that's about. And you know what? Until such a time as it is forced upon me? I am totally not going to go find out. Denial is my friend.


I need to make a list. Of what, I don't know, but lists always soothe me. I feel extremely unsoothed.
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