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ike at thirty-two miles out and counting

Reporting from Austin, which is not in any kind of danger except possible rain and gusts of wind and the faint possibility of a tornado, but we always live with the faint possibility of a tornado:

It's really hard to stop watching CNN and NOAA visual of the hurricane. Which is pretty much what I've been doing since I got up this morning, because hurricanes, unlike tornados, are something you watch approaching and so it gives the illusion of being, not safer, but a sense of disbelief that something that big and that slow is that much of a danger, because when something is as big as Texas, it just stops being believable. It's just not intuitive to think that the slower it is, the worse it is.

The pictures of the Galveston sea wall alone are breathtaking, and at the same time, the coolness factor kind of overrides the seventeen fucking feet of seawall the water is cheerfully breaking over. And it's a Category 2, which for most of people I know who live in that area isn't something you get out of bed for. I mean, I don't get out of bed for a tornado warning unless I can see objects above twenty pounds flying by with intent, so it's not like I don't understand it.

Everyone in the path, stay safe. I'm still bemused by anyone, anywhere, using the words "hunker down" in an official capacity. But do that.

(Added: there was video of someone walking their dog through the floodwater and if I remember correctly near enough the seawall to get this huge surge of geyser like water on top of them (like, high over them. It was surreal). Yes, the dog is still safe, if thrown somewhat. I'm just boggling that anyone's daily routine was so unbreakable that even floodwaters do not slow them down. Wow.)
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