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meta rec - dS reviews by truepenny
children of dune - leto 1
For those interested, truepenny just finished her reviews of dS seasons one and two and is about to start season three. Which I, for one, am trying not to hyperventilate over, because I love her grasp of both character arc and mytharc. As the season one reviews were fantastic and season two were extremely thoughtful and you know, I'm a junkie. Like this is a surprise.

Tag for Due South reviews.

I'd read them all so as to be ready to start when she posts for Burning Down the House (Jesus, why couldn't it be today????).

Also, she uses pararealism, surrealism, and contrarealism sometimes in the same paragraph! I honestly don't know how I avoided a vocabulary high. Perhaps I have one now.

You know, it wouldn't hurt to watch the eps before each review at all, I think. *mulls*

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I'm really happy you rec'd these-- I've been following them with glee and was generally hoping that fandom as a whole would find these reviews. I really admire Sarah Monette and her blog is great!!

I'm fascinated by what she picks up and carries from episode to episode. It's addicting.

I'm going to Kansas City for a week, and Providence for the week after. I have every ep on my video player.

I have plans. Plans!

I want to turn my eps into ipod friendly versions like you would not believe. Not for work, of course, to watch just beneath the edge of my monitor.

Dude, they are awesome just _listening_ to them. Like, you have no idea.

I can identify them by voice at 1000 paces.

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