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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i want to have her babies RIGHT NOW....
children of dune - leto 1
Blow your minds, people. It will never ever be as good as this again.


Like every SV slash fan with a pulse and an internet connection isn't.

Jesus Christ, I love her.

And screw coherency. I'm going to re-read.

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Just finished it. I worship her. Love it! Plot and smut. What more could a girl ask for.

Plot, smut, and Eli! Best chapter ever!

Adding a yes and a hell yes. God, so good. So damn good.

Oh, this was so lovely...

She so rocks!

*nodnodnod* Yes. And yes again.

nothing to do with your post - ick!

Sorry to bother you about this, but I like how your LJ looks and I'm getting a little worried I'll never learn my way around the magical world of overrides. Did someone design it for you or did you do it yourself? Do you know of anyone in your fandoms that is willing to help? I'll offer --- erm, something. They might want something from Mexico! Or San Diego!


Re: nothing to do with your post - ick!

Hee. If you aren't in a hurry, I *think* I can pull it off, if I can corner Isi on AIM to explain the really esoteric code. I'm just full of inappropriate word usage today.

But isilya did mine--I've been altering the code to use for my friendslist, so there's a slight chance I can actually configure something if you can tell me something about what you want.

*grins* This is assuming you can't find someone better to do yours. Email me if you don't mind me experimenting.

Re: nothing to do with your post - ick!

Oh, thank you for getting back to me.

Nope, I'm not in any kind of hurry and I'm pretty sure you are the best person to ask just from looking around at the styles out there. So many are so hard to read.

I like the color schemes you seem to favor and if its Smallville related it would be great but if you have other things handy that you like I would be all for it. I'm really easy to please *g*

Thank you for offering your help, I'm so clueless at this point.

*smooch* Jenn, coherency is highly overrated. Thank you! I'm always happy when a reader enjoys my stuff, but when that reader is a writer I admire the happiness goes all validation-high, and right now I am officially on cloud nine. *g* Seriously. I am delighted that you liked it! Thank you so much. *hugs you*

I swear, I will be sending actual feedback when I can, well, THINK again. Everything was so--I thought I knew what would happen, then it wasn't like that at all, and just--yes.

*hugs* Honestly TAKE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to write if it produces spectacular results like this. I'm just utterly awed how good this series really is.

*more happy hugs* Thank you SO much for writing this.

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