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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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whee theoretical particle physics!
children of dune - leto 1
A reminder to anyone who was worrying--they have yet to destroy life as we know it.

I'm sorry to report that no black holes have been spotted. Not even tiny ones.

....okay, hands up. Tell me that you totally would not have run outside, looked into the theoretical shape of our fate and the end of all humanity, and thought, "Awesome."

Cause I gotta say. Black hole created by accident is not like, the most embarrassing way our species could end here. Think hairspray.

I return everyone to people who didn't hear the words "microscopic black hole" and think "I wonder if they will sell keychains."

I think it would have been more embarrassing if we'd been trying for a more efficient way of making yogurt or something.

I'm just saying, hairspray? Or black hole? I know which one I'm choosing, y'know?

(Deleted comment)
*glee* I love that song.

(Deleted comment)
Extinction by black hole would be pretty... yeah, awesome :D

Let's face it, humanity is slowly killing the world anyway. It'd be distinctly less embarrassing to go down in the annals of galactic history as the planet whose occupants destroyed it in scientific pursuit by creating a black hole than it would to have alien worlds teach how those 'stupid humans' poisoned their own planet...

And yeah, if there was a black hole outside to be seen, I'd so run out there and geek out... =P


Also, yes. I'd prefer they believe we gave our all to science, y'know?

I couldn't have run outside to look at it because it would have come from the side that has no windows. Yes, I thought about which exact direction it would come from. >_>

I do think it would be embarrassing, though. If 6 billion people go for not working together, I think that's pretty, well, natural? But if our best physicists get it that damn wrong? That'd just suck.

Well. There is that. *deflates*

The thing that worried me is itv.com reporting, apparently seriously, that some critics were concerned that the experiment 'will open the
way for beings from another universe to invade through a "worm hole" in space-time'

Um - aren't scientists supposed to *know* that stargate isn't real?!

...okay, yes. World conquest by interdimensional aliens is bad.

But being able to yell "I TOLD YOU SO" just might make it worth it.

Best part of the whole shebang so far? This site.

Well, that, and people realizing the whole thing was one the scale of millions of years and we as humans have the attention span of gnats and will totally forget we started this experiment in our own backyard until years down the road when everything goes to hell and we're like, "Crap! We left the burner on!" only it's more like, "Crap! We left the supercollider on!"

I bet we'd find it making dark matter soft frozen yogurt, too. Sentinet dark matter soft frozen yogurt.

I've just finished reading Andrew Crumey's 'Mobius Dick' which has a similar premise (except, well, it's a novel). Rather scary book, and yet funny: plus it motivated me to read the first popular science book about physics I've read in more than 10 years. (Murray Gell-Mann, 'The Quark and the Jaguar'.) My favourite sentence in it was a quote from Stephen Hawking: 'When I hear someone mention Schrodinger's Cat, I reach for my gun.'

Poor Schrodinger's Cat. He is a cat without a country. Or even a definite state of corporealism.

I'm still hopeful! They haven't actually started colliding things yet, they were just, y'know, making sure they could actually move beams around the thing properly. So there is still a chance that the world could end!! They plan to get it up to speed in October, I believe. =D

This is true. *hopeful*

Trufax Conversation from yesterday

As I was scurrying out the door yesterday morning, Himself called out to me "They are testing the supercollider."
I replied without thinking, "That's nice, dear."
He continued "So we are all going to be sucked into a black hole this afternoon."
I answered, "Well, good; I can quit worrying about Wednesday's meeting." Because that's really the only answer you can give to a statement like that, isn't it?
He said, "Yep, love you. Have a good day."

So now, we have no black hole and I'm still stuck going to the appointment today. *sigh*

Re: Trufax Conversation from yesterday

*frown* That was mean of him to tease. I feel your pain.

I am ashamed. I would have totally forgotten about collider if not for the Google Picture and LJ.


S'okay. I had checked yesterday when it started and still forgot to look up this morning until I checked my flist.


I now know so much about black holes, particle physics, star classifications, Schwartzchild radii and hydrostatic equilibrium that my brain has expanded out my ears.

Oh, and my pillow has disappeared.

So nothing surprises me anymore. Death by hairspray? Sure. And if Cern is going to create a black hole, I want the licensing rights.

SGA has that effect on us. *glum*

...so your pillow. A Schrodinger's pillow or a CERN accident? *dum dum-dum*

I am almost -- but not quite -- ashamed to admit that I've been secretly hoping for Earth-eating black holes and/or a sudden tidal wave of alternate universes sweeping across the planet.

I mean, if everyone dies, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?

*hides face*

well, I'm disappointed--as several people already said, we would,as a species, at least go off in style if we all got sucked into a black hole---dying because we've managed to fuck up our planet without securing another one is pretty sloppy work as far as intergalactic management is concerned..no wonder there's no alien contact with Earth--they're all laughing at us*grumbles at human inadequacies* I'm so glad I'm not the only geek who's been following this..*puts her tin hat on*

Fandom! Geeks and mostly-geeks!

I'm just happy we are all still breathing.

Some that I work with are loving it, some are convinced that if they go any further it's all over...working with scientists, I have to say, sometimes is a plus--I get to discuss this stuff with them and they really get into it.

I just hope if they create the black hole in search for the "god particle" they can stablize it..stablize and essentially unstable thing.

Well--look at it this way. Should we be swallowed by a black hole, think of what we'll learn while we hover on the eternal cusp of falling/not falling.

Me, I'm hoping for either a.) the meaning of life or b.) what keeps happening to my glasses.