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There should be some kind of scale for lack of motivation. Something colored, maybe, and in graphical form because I like graphs. From "ANSWERING MEANING OF LIFE WHILE CURING CANCER" down to "lies in own excrement with a vague look of dissatisfaction" which actually sounds gross but is illustrative of my current predicament one completed fic that only needs editing, one fic missing maybe four scenes, and one--God, I don't even know what it is, but I could use it to illustrate "OOC - When Bad Ideas Still Seem Bad But transtempts Makes a Persuasie Argument on the Merits of Fraser/Kowalski/Victoria".

There is a very real part of me that takes a kind of shy pride in the fact I'm convinced the closest that thing has to even semi-in-character is the fact the characters have to sleep. I mean, I never realized it before, but canon can be very limiting.

Going back to the topic--unmotivated. Epically unmotivated. The kind of unmotivated that starts and begins with not even feeling like clicking the shortcut to Word. It's like, too much of a commitment for me to make, y'see. And then I did, but somehow ended up on rivkat's website re-reading all her Buffy/Spike, which I try to do no more than yearly because I can already quote all four of those stories.

So. Someone out there should start a meme.

No, I don't mean start a meme you saw on your flist. I mean, make up a new one--discover strange new worlds of memes, where no ljer has gone before. Or steal one from somewhere that is old enough that no one remembers it and claim credit. Or not.

(unless it is popular, then claim credit)


Things I have learned this week: reading parenting communities both strengths my conviction that I am paying for health insurance specifically to cover Child's therapy bills in a few years and weakens my understanding of how humanity survived this long.

There was this--I don't even know, entry about a parent calling a child a name and I totally bet you can guess the reaction to that. It reminds me of the various ways I deal with Child's self-esteem.

(I am so not editing tonight, can you tell?)

Most recently, he came home from school to tell me people think he is ugly. I told him this was true, but luckily his hideousness was offset by the fact that eventually, I'd pay someone to marry him. He's holding out for taraljc, so I probably need to start bargaining soon.

And finally, I had the joy of being able to stare at him blankly when he thought Eddie Izzard was a transvestite, which means, semiquote from him "he got some parts taken off".

That took me a second, mostly because Child's not what anyone would call behindhand in using the correct terminology when discussing anatomy, as many a traumatized grocery store can attest.

I explained correct term, wrong definition. I'm just curious where he got the wrong one. Though with the first five letter similarity, it might have been a reading error.

Child's School

Also, for those who find this neat.

Child was moved into Pre-AP math and science--that's the bragging part, and let me just get that out of the way, because seriously, awesomeness.


The school now requires a class on Character in which he receives a grade. That's always been a facet of his grades in every class, with a pretty extensive list of behavior that's graded. This, however, is new and intriguing.

This week they are covering, I kid you not, Being a Majority (not the actual name, but that's the gist), and Child came in to ask for help with ten sentences explaining what kinds of majority groups he was a part of. I was pretty impressed by what he had down so far, though the directions weren't clear on if they mean universally, the United States, or in his school (which are pretty much three separate answers), so we split the difference and added what he was referring to in each case. The two I remember now are religion (Christianity), and race (Caucasion) that he had already written down for US, with a few more that are specific and labeled to his school and some less charged ones (he's a natural left hand but was shifted to right in K, and trust me, it shows).

I'm curious about some of the weeks ahead, not to mention where they will be going with this. The themes per week are pretty fascinating. I need to find the list again and read them.
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