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i hate soothing British voices
children of dune - leto 1
A few minutes ago, Child figured out how to get internet on his Playstation and is watching youtube on my TV. This is not interesting yet.

He's watching youtube where a snake is currently eating a "goat thing" (Child: Something like Bambi?) while a soothing male British voice is narrating the way the snake drops his jaw and how the stomach acids dissolve flesh and bone. This has been five minutes of my life I am never going to get over.

(Child: He ate Bambi!)

I cannot say when I was a child and visualizing my future, this ever came up.
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But I'll bet you couldn't tear your eyes away, either.

shrug Mine was all excited over the rumor that they may get actual human cadavers to dissect at her community college next sem. Seems she needs a lab course.


I'm a firm believer that every next generation has a stronger stomach than the one before it.

...wait, a community college that's getting actual human cadavers? Is it a two year college? For what courses? Because, if there's any truth to that, wow.

See, I go to school in a county that has some of the finest community colleges in the country (Maricopa county in AZ) and have never heard of such awesomeness here. As I recall human cadavers aren't the easiest to get ahold of or deal with, is the thing, and so the idea of having them available to undergrads of any kind, much less frosh/sophmores, is astonishing.

...so I may have thought it was wickedly cool, that time I got to see an actual human cadaver when my alternative medicine class visited the Naturapathic medical school's campus; I was further thrilled in a later class -- the anatomy course in my massage therapy program -- showed video of a dissection of a human cadaver.

Possibly going into medicine has a pre-requisite of being-fucking-morbid. *g*

Most of my fambly is in that area of the country and you've got some fine colleges there, but we can equal them here in northern Virginia (not southern, mind you). Northern VA CC is one of the top in the country (not the best, unfortunately, I think that's Boston? You're right up there too) and at the moment, the cadaver thing is a rumor. But it has happened, in the LPN and bio courses.

Thing is, my kid isn't in pre-med or any kind of med -- she's going liberal arts. gnashes teeth She's apparently going to be an English teacher. Even though I think she should go in to med or psych or ANYthing but no. English teacher. (Scuse the frustration, it's ongoing!)

Yeah, no. I know there's some other places that play in the same league or better than our community colleges; it's just startling to hear about something that awesome.

Is cool. *g* I understand frustration. My parents are not frustrated with my path exactly so much as going "...well. The tuition's going to be fun to pay for." *wry*

Hmm. Sounds like a David Attenborough programme - all us British folks are raised on those from early childhood. There is usually at least one gory death and one animal sex scene.

Hey, at least Child wasn't watching one of the ones where the adorable little cubs get killed/eaten/die of hunger.

Brilliant programmes - the BBC wildlife people are amazing. I admit I couldn't watch the series all about insects though.

Don't you love the advances in modern technology? Actually, I would have loved that when I was a kid. My mom had a snake. Never ate anything as big as a goat, but he would eat live bunny rabbits.

Oh, man, you poor thing. *pets*

Little Brother (who has just turned 11) is obsessed with shark documentaries. He can name individual species in the Latin and everything. Does the same with dinosaurs - it's kind of freaky. I never anticipated knowing that sharks had more than five senses or watching a shark autopsy or what have you, but then again it's good to learn that something new everyone says you should every day. Surely...

Does is say bad things about me that I want the link?

That reminds me -- one of these nights when I hook up the laptop to the living room TV, I need to start showing Mom some movie trailers. YouTube I don't think I'll try for her benefit, given how many fanvids and other weirdnesses I have marked... (At least I found that site that converts YT vids to AVI files for me to save right here at work, so my multi-page "favorites" list that I never watch won't get any longer...)

I'm sorry about your pain but that's the funniest thing I've read about in a long time. Thanks for the LOL--I really needed it. Now I want to watch that video!

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