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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Despite being a Thursday, this is not what I would consider a very motivating day. I feel vaguely like I should be doing something--say, working--and then I go and read something really boring.

*helpless* It's very, very, very strange.

Also, confused. When you look at your userinfo, does something about it seem odd? I will admit I am not the most observant person in pretty much any room I enter, but when did we lose people off our Friends list who deleted their LJs? Now we can't even see their sad strikethrough'ed little names to remind ourselves of their tragic loss. And made me freak out when I couldn't figure out who had vanished.

...or is this just me having some kind of episode or new function of a Firefox extension?

Clarification: What I mean is, when the person I friended HarrySuperSlut deleted her lj, her name used to hang around my Friends but bolded or with a sad strikethrough (we are now returned to strikethrough). Now there is not that, and I know it was working as of three months ago.

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We lost the strikethrough post-Strikethrough, at least unless you go to the full profile page. Either click "more details" at the bottom of the page or append "?mode=full" to the URL.

I am *tired* today.

Edited at 2008-09-04 02:27 pm (UTC)

Nope, we got the strikethrough back recently. But the actual name itself is disappearing from the Friends listing,.

Hm, I still see the deleted LJs. Maybe it depends on the site viewing scheme you use? I still use the old XColibur rather than Horizon.

I still have the names on my list that have the strikethrough (can't quite bring myself to delete the journal of the friend who died 9/11/01). I don't, however, see yours.

I am comforted I am not having a moment of extreme cognitive dissonance, but now I'm wondering why its doing that. I changed view options to check, and nope, not there.

weird. On my userinfo everything is still the same...

Yeah, I've still got cultscomics and sclerotic_rings on the list as strike-throughs. It's just you. (Although, hmm. ajhalluk no longer appears, struck-through or otherwise. I think she deleted before cultscomics did, in case it's a time-since-deletion thing, but I don't know -- he's been gone a while...)

ETA: Never mind, the ajhalluk journal appears to have been stealthily recreated once the name was purged from the system. And judging by the friends list, it's the same person. So that's a useful thing to know, that you can delete a journal to clear out the trolls and then start the same one back up after long enough without everyone who still had you friended automatically finding out about it...

Ex2A: I just checked to see if HarrySuperSlut did similar and reclaimed her old LJ handle under the radar, thereby making it disappear from the friends lists of those who'd had her friended. But no. And anyway maybe it's rather that ajhalluk vanished from my friends list when old names were purged from the system and I just didn't notice until you brought the topic up today.

Edited at 2008-09-04 04:50 pm (UTC)

I think I still have AJ's old struckthrough journal on my flist. LJ renamed it to exajhalluk585 and I think gave the name to someone else (since the friends aren't names I know, except shezan, who probably friended it as an experiment).

I'm not seeing AJ's old journal showing on your profile page, or as exajhalluk585. As for the new one, I note that a couple other people besides shezan have her current journal friended as well (since now I'm curious enough about it to check) -- more to the point, since there's only a single flocked post and no comments made or received, I speculate that she took the journal back up just to ensure no one else could get it and try to pass themself off as her.

You can still check with joule to see who's deleted their journal by checking the defriended with disparities in whether the journal is still there or not (deleted journals are listed as having defriended you). Good luck with figuring out what's causing it to not show you!

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