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Despite being a Thursday, this is not what I would consider a very motivating day. I feel vaguely like I should be doing something--say, working--and then I go and read something really boring.

*helpless* It's very, very, very strange.

Also, confused. When you look at your userinfo, does something about it seem odd? I will admit I am not the most observant person in pretty much any room I enter, but when did we lose people off our Friends list who deleted their LJs? Now we can't even see their sad strikethrough'ed little names to remind ourselves of their tragic loss. And made me freak out when I couldn't figure out who had vanished.

...or is this just me having some kind of episode or new function of a Firefox extension?

Clarification: What I mean is, when the person I friended HarrySuperSlut deleted her lj, her name used to hang around my Friends but bolded or with a sad strikethrough (we are now returned to strikethrough). Now there is not that, and I know it was working as of three months ago.
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