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Five things about me that I really don't get:

1.) I cannot stop a sudoku puzzle and come back to it later. There are two parts to this.
a.) it's hard to work. I do not know why. There are more numbers now. But it takes a really disturbing amount of time to even figure out why some of them are there, much less start actual work on it again.
b.) when I can get it finished, it lacks the emotional satisfaction. Being a slasher and having written porn for two days straight, I will compare this to coitus interruptus. Sure, you get off after, but you kind of know that it would have been pretty spectacular if the doorbell hadn't rung and scared you to death.


(no, there was no sexual acts involving flexibility or tragic sledding accidents)

2.) I'm getting slowly more intolerant of processed foods. It's not even an allergy. It's just really uncomfortable and feels wrong, like I am eating something I shouldn't be eating, like, I don't know, paint chips. Frankly, this is seriously disturbing. It's like the day Pepsi betrayed me with Pepsi Zero. I am so not happy about this. No one should have to give up Marie Callendar pot pies.

3.) Seeing nutella in Costco is enough to make me leave the row. Okay, that's not a compulsion, it's that Child really wants it because he knows I hate it, and I'm like those awful indulgent parents you read about who will eventually give in to everything. I told him it was made of the corpses of crushed beetles. Somehow, that just made him want it more. Child is not sane, and I have my doubts on whether he even qualifies as human. Then again, he tells me his communication with his leader has been disrupted by solar flares, so what the hell. Maybe we're still safe for a few more years.

4.) I have to buy Christmas decorations when I see them. My family blocked my path at Costco when I saw they had ornaments up for sale. Thought I might die if I didn't get some. Sanity came with caffeine and Niece II outside and two brownie petites. Speaking of, if you see brownie petites at Costco, buy them. Just saying.

5.) There is no five. I literally forgot what it was. Dammit.
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