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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Five things about me that I really don't get:

1.) I cannot stop a sudoku puzzle and come back to it later. There are two parts to this.
a.) it's hard to work. I do not know why. There are more numbers now. But it takes a really disturbing amount of time to even figure out why some of them are there, much less start actual work on it again.
b.) when I can get it finished, it lacks the emotional satisfaction. Being a slasher and having written porn for two days straight, I will compare this to coitus interruptus. Sure, you get off after, but you kind of know that it would have been pretty spectacular if the doorbell hadn't rung and scared you to death.


(no, there was no sexual acts involving flexibility or tragic sledding accidents)

2.) I'm getting slowly more intolerant of processed foods. It's not even an allergy. It's just really uncomfortable and feels wrong, like I am eating something I shouldn't be eating, like, I don't know, paint chips. Frankly, this is seriously disturbing. It's like the day Pepsi betrayed me with Pepsi Zero. I am so not happy about this. No one should have to give up Marie Callendar pot pies.

3.) Seeing nutella in Costco is enough to make me leave the row. Okay, that's not a compulsion, it's that Child really wants it because he knows I hate it, and I'm like those awful indulgent parents you read about who will eventually give in to everything. I told him it was made of the corpses of crushed beetles. Somehow, that just made him want it more. Child is not sane, and I have my doubts on whether he even qualifies as human. Then again, he tells me his communication with his leader has been disrupted by solar flares, so what the hell. Maybe we're still safe for a few more years.

4.) I have to buy Christmas decorations when I see them. My family blocked my path at Costco when I saw they had ornaments up for sale. Thought I might die if I didn't get some. Sanity came with caffeine and Niece II outside and two brownie petites. Speaking of, if you see brownie petites at Costco, buy them. Just saying.

5.) There is no five. I literally forgot what it was. Dammit.

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(Deleted comment)
They had some ornaments and a super shiny lighted Santa that was about two feet tall. I did not see the ribbon, but that just means that my view was blocked by people trying to protect me from death by credit debt. Dammit.

(Deleted comment)
It is a freaking *awesome* Santa.

(you'd be surprised what those small, fake trees will hold... oh you'd be surprised.)

(Deleted comment)
I had over 300 decorations on mine before the cat found that it was a fun toy.

It was "Green, what green?"

1. Dude, Sudoko is evil that way. I put it down even to just refill my coffee and come back feeling like I'm staring at one titled "devious"

My brain breaks if I pause on them... sometimes I even hear my brain snapping.

2. I know how you're feeling. I've begun worrying about what the hell I'll be able to eat if it keeps up. I figure as long as I have my coffee insanity won't come.

4. Thank God I'm not the only one, I have to be dragged away from them. Like I'm two and in the toy section. Halloween decorations are the same. The problem with both of them is I'm lazy and don't take them down, months will pass and people start thinking I'm actually using them to honest to god house decorating, year round. -_-

1.) Yes. This. It just--it's like it turns into sanskrit or something.

3.) God. I will go nuts without coffee. I mean, I am slowly going *organic* of all Godforsaken things. And I love McDonalds. But less every day.

4.) ....not that there are small halloween scarecrows in the front flowerbeds that I explain by season as "autumnal" "giving color to the lawn" "reminder of the wonder of harvest season" and "wow, it's way too hot to go outside and get them now and it's really close to September, right"?

1. Which is why I stay with the easy and medium ones. Can finish them without getting distracted... Hard and above... *shakes head*

3. I go to McDonalds and pout, because it's all... before I even order, its like fat-free mayo. Utterly disgusting (I think I actually puked when I accidentally bought fat-free Mayo.) Why in the world is my lovely hamburger looking bad to me?

... I think there's a conspiracy going on *shifty eyes*

4. Haha! Exactly. =D

4. My sister actually is the type to visit the Halloween stores when they appear to grab stuff that she'll be using year-round, and I'm not far behind her. Also I put up lights in my bedroom some Xmases ago and never took them down -- actually added a few strings an Xmas or two later -- and I'm thinking I really should at some point because it's not like they actually work anymore, they just get in the way and have to be pushed aside every time I close the closet door...

4. I buy the dishes to use all year round because I'm pretty sure my apartment managment wouldn't appreciate a sign on the door saying "Morgue" (really hates that I was talked outta that one)

Dude, I took my Christmas tree down in March. If anyone asked, I told them the cat liked it as a toy.

I've ended up just stuffing it in the box, decorations and all... Figure I'll have it out in time this year =D

Well, the tree partially obstructs the view of the living room TV from the love seat, so we get annoyed enough to yank it pretty early in January. But mostly the household doesn't object to spooky stuff year round. (I say mostly but it occurs that with my sister and Mom's former boyfriend both moved out it's down to just Mom and I -- and Mom was the only person in the house who had serious objections to the Jolly Roger I used to have on a pole on the front of the house.)

Following the current formatting procedures:
1) a. This is where I admit I have made it througho nly like one Sudoku puzzle. I just... Maybe it's the ADD, but I see a butterfly and say "Ooh, pretty!" and then have no idea where I was or how to get back to it.
1) b. Or, you know, hearing a knock on the door followed by, "Mommy? How do we get frosting off the dog?"

2) With the food allergies that run rampant in our family, we mainly get stuff at the co-op now. Not everything is 100% organic or such, but nothing is nearly as processed and you can really taste the difference after a while. After drinking what we call Happy Cow Milk (no hormones added) for only a month, the other kind tastes... funny.

3) We can't have Nutella in our house due to the peanut allergies, but found a chocolate hazelnut spread that's a must-have whenever we see it. We might still have half a jar at home, but it's there.

4) Already? That's early even for the early places. Whoa. I'm torn between calling to warn my mother to hold her back, or sneaking off and getting the ones for the kids early this year...

Costco. *whines* I miss the strangest things about home. There is no Costco here. It is a barren wasteland devoid of Costcos. With their delicious berry sundaes and enormous hand dipped chocolate ice cream pops. And the random stuff that changes every few weeks that is LIKE CRACK! And you HAVE to buy Christmas stuff now when it's cheap! All the good stuff will be gone by December! No really! All that's left then is overpriced, tacky, or both.

And cheap levis. I miss the cheap levis.


I'm getting slowly more intolerant of processed foods. It's not even an allergy. It's just really uncomfortable and feels wrong, like I am eating something I shouldn't be eating, like, I don't know, paint chips.


There is something wrong with all this processed food, it just leaves me completely unsatisfied, wondering how others can enjoy it so very much, when it makes my mouth feel like I need to spit it out.

3. *groans* Now, I'm going to be thinking Nutella is made out of crushed beetle corpses every time I eat some... *is amused* I suddenly love how it doesn't actually stop me from wanting to eat some.

Also, is there some way that we can get the Child to make a list of us who want to be exempt of the upcoming destruction of human civilization? I can pledge to me a good minion.

re: processed foods. Maybe it's a thing that happens as you get older?

I liked fast food as a child. Right up until a stint at Burger King during my teens, after which I was put off it for life. However, Subway, etc, not a problem. Last couple of years? I've been able to damn well taste the chemicals in processed/ready made food. So there goes the Subway, a bunch of sandwiches and salads, sweets, etc, etc...

I told him it was made of the corpses of crushed beetles.

you're kidding, right? o__o
i googled, because i'd heard of beetles used as food dyes.. but didn't find anything..

2) Man, I hear you: I can't eat processed foods without feeling like crap, either. Not an allergy, it's like my body can't handle things that are bad for it as easily as it used to. I can't eat pre-made pot pies like Marie Callendar, but I find I *can* eat pot pies when I make them myself from scratch--that way there are no preservatives, no fake colors, no extenders or thickeners. See if you can find a higher-quality or organic pot pie in the market if you don't want to make them yourself.

Oh my god, I'm the same way with the processed foods. I'm starting to react badly to artificial preservatives, actually. They make me ill, it's not an allergy, just an intolerance. But it's just - I can taste it now, when something has preservatives in it. It disturbs me that I can taste this. Who the heck can taste preservatives, I don't even know. I feel so betrayed - I am living off salads here. Salads. I miss living in VT, where a quick walk down the road brought me to the organic co-op where I could get frozen gluten-free vegan meals. Or fresh fiddleheads. Or organic apples from Guatemala or something. I MISS FOOD. WHY CAN'T I EAT FOOD ANYMORE. I do actually have an allergy - we have no idea what it is, possibly a pesticide. I thought it was processed tomatoes, but then it happened when I ate a fresh watermelon. Happens to seasoned things too. I have no ideaaaaa.

Child is awesome. Sometimes I want to be him when I grow up. Actually, make that a lot of the time.

Man, I never go back to the ones I save for completing later. Never. I think it's because the offer of a fresh start on a new play is more appealing.

It's like getting a prize out of a cereal box when the damn thing sings to me. No counting, it's all about positioning the numbers and that's when the brains begins to hurt. :-)

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