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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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various announcements
dead letters
Yay, it's announcement day!

Dead Letters Variations
First, The Dead Letters Challenge has been closed with a total of twenty-seven entries. My thanks to the participants, who all made me happy.

DVD Commentaries
We are now at month two of DVD Commentary Challenge being hosted at dvd_commentary. So far, participation is excellent and sign-ups continue apace.

general_jinjur and I would like to remind everyone of a few key points:

The due date is 10/1/2008, pre-midnight CST for posting. You can continue to sign up and post commentaries until that time.

To sign up to write a commentary, go here.

To give permission for your stories to be commentated, go here.

To read commentaries, a running list is kept here for 2008, and an index for 2007 and 2006 is here. All of this is courtesy of the ultra-organized general_jinjur.

Other Stuff

I--um, maybe later. Okay, the thing is, I am writing this thing and it turned into curtain fic, even though it's supposed to have at least one murder and you know, stuff, and I kinda feel sugarshocked by all the domestic goodness. Do you know why? Because I cannot make myself destroy their happiness.

I sicken myself sometimes.

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Curtain fic is one of my guilty pleasures! So I am actually totally psyched to hear that you are writing some. :-)

I'm trying to destroy their domestic harmony and wreck their little alternate nuclear family and community! I was so gleeful when I started setting up! And I'm at page thirty-three and nothing. Every time I start, I remember a cute domestic moment to add, and I tell myself, this will make it more painful later but the truth is? Avoidance.

God, so ashamed.

If you are writing about the glory that is Ray/Fraser?

Thank let it be sweet and curtainy. Because they deserve it so very very much.

*sulks* Not even a tiny apocalypse.

Look, you can blow up the entire planet. But they get to have some cozy hot domesticity first! It's like, the law.

Because I cannot make myself destroy their happiness.

Maybe just write the happy end first, and then fill in the angst in the middle?

Thtas' pretty much what i'm doing. Luckily, the really *cool* angst is in flashback and at the end, so I can afford to skip.

Its' just lowering, really. *sighs* Stupid infatuation phase.

(Deleted comment)

It had to happen sometime, sweetie. ::pets you:: Don't worry, these sorts of abberations usually work their way of your system in a couple of days.

Also? Wot's a curtain fic?

Aka domestic fic.

The term is derived from the (only partly) apocryphal fic (or apocryphal story about a fic?!) where the boys (whoever the boys might be) go shopping for curtains. I know I've read at least one literal curtain fic, in X-Files, Mulder/Krycek, and it was sweet and sexy and totally not really curtain fic because the boys weren't together, they weren't actually shopping for curtains, there was just a convenient store for them to duck into of the Bed Bath & Beyond variety.

I hope so! It's very disconcerting!

Because I cannot make myself destroy their happiness


Well, that makes a change! What have these guys got that the others don't?

I'll just be over here, cheering on the curtains and happy domesticity.

Pure evil or bunnies or something. I dunno. I only know I am afraid of what it means.

I'm writing a DVD commentary on Raiders of the Seven Systems by ltlj. It's very long.

So very, very long.

Man. *whistles* You people who do the long ones awe me. general_jinjur did samdonne's Cowboys fic and blew my mind. Seriously, I can't imagine DVDing my *own* freaking long stories.

Maybe if it was about actual curtains? Like Scarlett O'Hara and her dress made of curtains or Mrs. Rochester and the flaming bed curtains. Or some kind of design tragedy/jealousy angst with Sven, Thatcher's interior decorator.

Buck up, only the most cold-hearted fiend would leave Ray and Fraser with an unhappy ending, Their canon lives are already so pathetic and miserable and their hearts are so much in the right place - it would be like clubbing orphan seals. :-)

What dead letter challenge, where?

*finds it*

Oh. I missed it.

*scuffs the ground* Maybe next year.

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