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Yay, it's announcement day!

Dead Letters Variations
First, The Dead Letters Challenge has been closed with a total of twenty-seven entries. My thanks to the participants, who all made me happy.

DVD Commentaries
We are now at month two of DVD Commentary Challenge being hosted at dvd_commentary. So far, participation is excellent and sign-ups continue apace.

general_jinjur and I would like to remind everyone of a few key points:

The due date is 10/1/2008, pre-midnight CST for posting. You can continue to sign up and post commentaries until that time.

To sign up to write a commentary, go here.

To give permission for your stories to be commentated, go here.

To read commentaries, a running list is kept here for 2008, and an index for 2007 and 2006 is here. All of this is courtesy of the ultra-organized general_jinjur.

Other Stuff

I--um, maybe later. Okay, the thing is, I am writing this thing and it turned into curtain fic, even though it's supposed to have at least one murder and you know, stuff, and I kinda feel sugarshocked by all the domestic goodness. Do you know why? Because I cannot make myself destroy their happiness.

I sicken myself sometimes.
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