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question for the masses
children of dune - leto 1
So transtempts and I have a question. Well, I had a question, transtemps is working on stick figures, but we're just not sure.

Pasting convo:

seperis: Hmm
Seperis: Question.
transtempts: Yes?
Seperis: If a guy didn't have his floating ribs and could suck his own cock.
Seperis: And was flexible.
Transtempts: Uh huh
Seperis: Could he fuck and suck someone off at the same time?
Seperis: *curious*
Transtempts: Let's see.
Transtempts: *makes stick figure drawing*
Seperis: Yeah, I'm doing that too.
Seperis: I'm going to ask LJ now.
Transtempts: Is he sucking himself off?
Seperis: No, he's fucking a guy *and* sucking off the same guy.

You know, I can get a visual, sort of, but a.) it looks uncomfortable and b.) really would require bondage to keep people in teh right position and c.) I'm just not entirely convinced he wouldn't slip out on the downstroke.

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---So why is this hypothetical guy missing his floating ribs, or do I not want to know?

I'm hoping it's natural, but if it were me writing it, it would likely be due to a tragic and obscure sledding incident resulting in many months of hospitalization and therapy and believing themselves hideous to their partner before there is glorious healing sex and discovery of this incredible ability that guarantees said parnter is never, ever going anywhere.

*scratches chin* Haven't thought about it, really.

I'm on the edge of exhaustion and my personal life has been a bastion of fucked up-edness lately and this just made me giggle in the most hysterical manner ever because I've been so stressed and the mental image is both amusing and appealing and "I'm just not entirely convinced he wouldn't slip out on the downstroke" listed in all seriousness as problem C just did me in.

Yay run-on sentence. Also I am no help as to working out the plausibility of this situation.

Oh, I'm so sorry! *hugs you hard*

I'm glad it made you smile!

I swear I've seen this done in porn somewhere, I just don't remember where.

*tries to remember position used*

Okay, if guy A was sitting in an armless chair, sort of slumped all the way down butt near the edge of the chair. Guy B Straddles guy A's lap and sits on A's cock, then sort of leans back to get out of the way (say the chair is facing and near a sofa) Guy A just needs to bend his head down enough to reach B's cock. If B's got a long dick, this shouldn't be so difficult. Since B is sitting up on A's lap, his dick will be considerably closer to A's mouth than A's dick would be under normal self suck circumstances.

ETA: Granted, there wouldn't be much thrusting involved, but if B is milking A's dick w/ his sphincter, and A sucks B off to the point of orgasm... the combination of B's spasms from coming and the turn on of getting a load in his mouth might do the trick.

Edited at 2008-08-31 05:47 am (UTC)

Oooh. That sounds good. We were theorizing one partner lying on his side and the other fucking him sideways (which *could* work, but I'd need to know more about the receiving ass in question to be sure it wasn't too plump), and then leaning over the hip to get to teh cock.


(Deleted comment)
The breathing thing, yes. That is worrying.

*thoughtful* Just the hotness of *doing* it should help get them along, though, right?

(Deleted comment)
A. Guys with their ribs can sometimes do this. I have met a guy who could, I did not watch, but others have and confirm.

B. I think it would be possible, but probably require the guy on the bottom to be laying on his back? And also be likely to end in pulled muscles? But it would be easier if the guy on top were somewhat smaller than the guy on the bottom.

Hmm, height difference might help a lot, now that you mention it.

read about that being possible on Minotaur's guide to gay sex... Don't recall reading it in fiction.... *hopeful expression*

Ooooh. *bounces* Excellent.

You know you want to know.

I mentioned I hated you?

I know a guy who can do it and once his wife gets back from Dragon*Con, I can find out what the answer would be to your question. You know...if you're actually serious about wanting to know.

I've got a porn clip of someone doing this, if you'd like me to upload *g*

I once posted a rant about how that was physically impossible and would badfic writers please STOP, and got a reply from TWO gay men who said they knew it was in fact possible from experience.

That run on sentence is to say, yes Virginia, apparently sucking and fucking can occur simultaneously.

Also, yoga.

It's been done in profic, a novel by Gordon Merrick called "The Lord Won't Mind," which is sort of a classic of gay literature and the first novel of a trilogy. The act was accomplished face to face. The catcher (Peter) was on his back and the pitcher (Charlie) had Peter's legs over his shoulders. The lack of floating ribs was not required. Peter had a very long cock, and Charlie attributed his success to that fact more than to any extraordinary flexibility.

"The Lord Won't Mind" was written in 1970 but set in the 1940s. It's a very interesting read. And I shudder to think what the fact that I'm a straight female and a reader of the work of Gordon Merrick, and that I was able to put my hands on the book and find the scene in question in about 30 seconds, says about me. ;-)

I immediately thought of "The Lord Won't Mind" - it's not just you!

I have a short film of a top penetrating and blowing his partner at the same time. Want an upload?

See, if it was X-men fic and it involved Nightcrawler, or some such super flexible mutant, there really wouldn't even be a question of it. Been there, wrote it. Never let it see the light of day.

I think however, if he was A- verrah flexible, B- shorter then average in the torso and C- wasn't like that for very long it would,... indeed work.

And. Oh my. That pic. Wow. Ok. yeah, I guess miracles can happen.

Edited at 2008-08-31 11:41 am (UTC)

No need to take out his floating rib. He just would need to be really bendy.