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sarah palin - welcome to the liberal blogosphere

Unpopular political opinion time:

You know, after what happened to Hillary Clinton during primaries, I kind of guessed what would happen when Sarah Palin was put up for the Republican VP candidate. I am very unsurprised to note the first things that occurred were mentions of the following things that apparently, are reasons she cannot possibly be a good president and/or comments on her:

1.) A beauty queen.

2.) References to her vagina.

3.) Hockey mom*. (not a quote from someone, but a quote of a quote made elsewhere)

4.) Number of children.

The really weird part? These were all from my flist.

I think this is great. Why discuss her anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage, iffy environmental stance, or her ideology? Why discuss her own maverick status in Alaska when she opened ethics investigations? Why on earth would we be vaguely interested in the decisions she's made as Alaskan governor or anything she's done?

Yes, she's unknown. And Biden is not a household name. Shocker. Yes, she doesn't have a lot of experience. I swear I've heard this argument before. Yes, she could end up being the first female vice president, because the democrats chose another white male for the VP slot despite numerous very qualified female candidates, among which was Hillary Clinton. We can't complain about that. We had our chance and we missed it.

Yes, she's a conservative. A conservative with views and an ideology that is radically against what most of us believe. That is what we should be looking at, studying, what we should be discussing.

The blogosphere is a cesspool already with this, and the primaries were, for me, so offensive I couldn't talk about it and honestly, I still can't. I'm a democrat, and my party chose the candidates that will act, with any kind of luck, closest to the beliefs I hold dear. But I'm also a woman, and this is--I have no idea. Something is wrong with this, when we, who are many of us liberal women, choose this path twice against opponents.

I'm kind of expecting an unfriending for this one.

*clarification - this was not said by an ljer or used in a derogatory way by an ljer. it was quoted by an ljer about what the candidate said about herself and then I saw it elsewhere on the net used in a derogatory way. My apologies on not being clear.
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