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fruit! i bring...fruit!

So I finally discovered the plucot and have found my One True Fruit.

For those, like me, who once stared at the produce aisle in dismay and wondered if someone left something out during kindergarten class when they told us the fruits and vegetables....


Okay, everything about the sweetness and deliciousness? Dear God, so true. And very, very juicy.

Next on the list--hunt down and find hybrid cherry plums. I am this close to declaring myself sick and running off to Whole Foods or Central Market to see what's in stock.

...seriously. They didn't *look* that delicious. Yet they totally, totally are. And I only brought one to work! There are four more on the counter at home and anyone, anyone could find and eat them before I get back. I'm worried. Very, very worried.

ETA: Hmm. I see I continue to italicize like tomorrow they will take them away from me. Interesting.
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