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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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meta rec - I am Multitudinous Multitasker! by ithiliana
another frog
ithiliana has a post up here regarding amireal's idea to buy a Variety ad in response to the cancellation of SGA.

I think what weirds me out most is that the idea needs a defense. I mean, I can see disagreement and everything, but really. Pretty sure fandom can support many different initiatives, not just one. We are good at that, being multitaskers and all.

In other news, my dentist called me at work this morning to make sure I was feeling better. I fought the urge to propose over the phone; that sort of thing should be done in person, y/y? Y.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes! No pigeons! Let the pigeons fly!

My dentist is awesome.

(Deleted comment)
*giggles* A crush inspires excellent dental hygiene. I love it.

...I do not get that. Is it that hard to just *ignore* things like that? I mean, if you see something as being *actively detrimental,* maybe, but I can't fathom that here.

Heh. I remember the time where I organized a postcard campaign in Smallville and someone posted how they felt my efforts would be better spent like, saving the world instead of saving the gay. I HAVE ENERGY FOR BOTH OKAY.

...anyway, yeah.

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