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tuesdays can be better than expected

I did my usual attempt to propose to my dentist--I think my platonic ideal of a husband is a dentist with a degree in programming who likes role-play. Which probably tells you more about me than anyone wants to know.

He narrates, which is one of my favorite things about him, to be honest--the drilling and smell don't bother me, but the quiet *does* when it involves poking, so he always shows me the tiny needle like things covered in pink goo he uses to do whatever goes on in the tooth after. I know it's the cleaning and antibiotic stuff, but he is all about reviewing his education via dialogue, which is why I love him a lot. It's going to be a three part procedure, with the first part today, the second with the final build up and measurements for the crown, and the third crown installation, at which time I get to start what I've been wanting to do for years--to wit, cosmetic work. It's basically one of the big reasons my promotion was such a huge deal for me--I've really wanted to do several things that aren't necessary for the functional use of my teeth, including some work straightening the front ones and hell, I'll go crazy and do whitening.

This actually vaguely relates to the bridesmaid dress thing--it hit me for the first time I make about enough to do several unnecessary things for the sake of vanity. I've never been particularly interested in doing anything with my face, but there's some skin things I *would* like to do. I still have some stretch marks from puberty (seriously, anyone else have those? I do. It's weird). I checked prices with the hospital who also handle my insurance, and if I lose my mind, I could completely fix that softness around my waist that I hate. It's terrifying and heady.

Then I keep coming back to look at this Alienware laptop from Dell that has a solid state hard drive and blu ray and possibly eight G RAM and kind of forget vanity, though. There's nothing about my body I care about that much, other than wishing there were community dance classes around, because I did my best exercising when I was in jazz dance and I might not have been good, but it was so much fun. Plus, it was to Britney Spears back then and I wonder what they'd use now.

Special note to synecdochic - I bought ballet flat with soft leatherish soles and yes, it makes a difference. Hugely. Interestingly, it also really points out how badly I walk normally.

I was a sprinter in high school and ran on the edges of the balls of my feet (toward the pinkie), which is why I was a very good sprinter for a high school student, but I *walk* that way too, which explains why I unbalance so much when I'm not running or running up stairs (at which time that's very useful but hell on the calves). And explains why the wear on my shoes is always on the outside of my shoes, not the big toe area. Odd, yet true. I'm practicing walking flat, which is weird as hell--my feet don't *get* using the entire ball yet. It's very hard to do in heels right now, so sadly, all my heels are in waiting. Tragic.

Currently Reading - Due South

Unguarded Protectorate by Bone and Aristide. This is like, the best antidote for tooth pain ever. It's also not in the style I'm used to for either one of them, and I can't put my finger on exactly why, nor is the characterization. The focus is ultranarrow and fascinatingly complex in Ray, and I liked the slow build. Also, hot. Dear God.

Unassuming by Miriam Heddy - also excellent for tooth pain. I think my favorite part was the bit about retirement to Canada. I like reversal--first decide to retire together, then move in together, then have sex, then feelings. Especially if you're not even aware you're doing it. Plus, there just isn't enough seduction in fanfic, and this was--uh, wow. Yeah. That was good for me.

Twilight Zone by pir8fancier - I laughed myself into black dots in front of my eyes and pasted it to everyone I know. Then I really, really wanted a drunk threesome, just once because really. Really. They should have one. Just to be sure. I am not even going to tell you the premise--I went in blind and trust me, it's funnier that way.

I've been reading too fast to do recs, so expect a few to pop up. Possibly dating back to 1999. Dear God. I love this fandom.
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