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children of dune - leto 1
...I just erased my entire dS fic of twenty-fucking-five thousand words and panicked. I hit undo so it came back (oh my God, I am serious, I do not need this), but I have no idea how it did that--one second, I was typing Wh and the next, everything pauses, highlights, and vanishes. I am officially afraid of googledocs.

*still breathing hard*

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Holy cow! *shares panic--omg-relief-but-how!!-response*

I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. But yes, two copies now in teh folder and I still have one in Word at home. My hands were shaking.

Yep. Two copies in here now. I have one at home, but I was updating this one for posting, so--you know. Still erratic breathing.

G!Docs loves to make you panic, but it always keeps a history. If you go into the document, and under "Tools" there's "Revision History". That keeps a copy of every change you make to your documents, including the entire document itself.

Trust me, this is a good feature. It's staved off many panic attacks for me durring the various G!Docs upgrades in the middle of the night.

Seconded. I've done this when working on RP logs with people, and either Firefox lags up or I forgot I had it open when I closed the windows, and it reopens an old version. Revision history is FABULOUS for that sort of thing. Actually, Google Docs in general is just pretty fabulous. :D

Do you have a touchpad? I have this horrible habit of letting my wrists drag on touchpads, and then my word processor is all selecting without my say-so.

I believe Google Docs saves several edits back, like Wikipedia, and can restore a document to how it was before an edit. Which might come in handy.

Ugh, that has totally happened to me on GDocs before. Thank God it's almost always recoverable. Still, *deep breathes with you*. Terrifying.

Clearly I need to look into this GoogleDocs thing for composing fic on my cellphone, since the private-entries-in-my-JF-account method tends to make the entire post go bye-bye if the connection fails when I hit update or I accidentally close the browser window. And periodically saving the post and then ducking back into the edit window is just such a headache on mobile-browsing speed...

Normally, I love it. It has a lot of the same functions as Word and is pretty easy to use.

I was driving myself buggy on this last week when I did like an entire chapter of a fic in JF and had to rewrite the latter half from scratch after I closed the browser window by mistake. And I could not find a regular word processing or even text file program for my Blackberry short of dropping like $50 or $70 on MS Office or some such. And I have that function on my PDA, but I can't use it to post files online, and it's too much of a headache copying files to the wee disk so I can transfer them to a computer. (Unless I were going to be composing the entirety of a fic on the PDA and only getting it off in postable segments. Which I might consider if I had a working folding keyboard for the PDA, since a friend has composed entire novel-length fics that way. It would be more comfortable than typing with my thumbs on the wee 'Berry QWERTY keypad, at least, but I couldn't easily switch from portable composing to writing on any computer I might be using.)

Oh my god. *clutches fic* That would freak me the fuck out. *hands you inhaler*

I cannot fix this fic. I am going to kill it with fire.

*stares at you* Make me fix it?

Fix it. Then send it to me. Immediately.

That didn't work. Kill with fire now? *hopeful*

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