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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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does this mean I don't have to finish *any* wips?
SGA not renewed

It took me five years after TNG ended to watch DS9 or Voyager. When I saw commercials, I would growl at them and hate them silently.

...okay, I eventually was fannish about Voyager, but that's a different story--I totally hated it for a long time and there's a small part of me that died when Picard no longer said "Engage." So shall it be with SGU if it comes to pass, and I'm a *lot better* at hissing these days.

I am not a happy camper. Why are they taking my show?

I'm pretty miserable about it, too.

(But no! this means you have to finish ALL your wips! because soon we're going to run out of canon and we're going to need to depend on each other for food stories! :-)

...I hadn't thought of it that way.

(Deleted comment)
Sci Fi programming people have ADD and glom onto shiny new shows rather than continue to support older shows. Plus, the Stargate folks are all obsessed with Stargate Universe and concentrating on that. So I really do think it's a case of shiny new vs old.

That said, logically, there is also the fact that 5 seasons give them enough eps for syndication, producing older shows is more costly because actor contracts, etc can increase over time, and the CA dollar is doing better against the US dollar and so CA-produced shows are more expensive now.

The problem with using money as the main reason for keeping/ending a series is that it fails to take into consideration channel loyalty (seriously, Sci Fi has screwed me over for the last time) and the fact that generally what you end up with is more Ghosthunter type reality shows rather than actual buzz-worthy dramas that bring in new viewers. The buzz around BSG, for example, brought them many new viewers, some of whom watched Atlantis. So, while they may save money in the immediate future, they're screwing over their base enough that they'll shed some viewers as well - enough that they notice/care? Who knows.

BTW, DS9 rocked liked a giant rocking thing in terms of good storytelling and ongoing storylines if you care to give it a shot after all these years.

I'm just hoping that the "ongoing series of Atlantis movies" they mention is actually ongoing; I'd be OK with that. For months now Mallozzi has been hinting that they've been thinking in that direction, so maybe there really is a plan there with the creative team.

There are a lot of rumours flying around right now (although Joe Mallozzi has promised to make a blog post about it today) but most of them seem to come down to money.
After the success of the two SG-1 movies MGM has realized they can make good money through the movies so are moving in that direction for the show.
It can be cheaper to produce new shows since they already have sets and new actors cost less. So that's something SGU has going for it.
MGM is thinking of starting it's own TV channel and if they do they can air SGU on there rather than through Sci Fi (which holds the airing rights for SGA) and not have to share the profit.

Still, I'm so upset and angry about this. This is our show! They can't take it away from us!

They'll be ending it on a cliffhanger? There is not enough D: in the internet to express my D:.

at least by the time I get completely caught up maybe they'll have the movie out

Please don't abandon your WIPs. The storytellers and artists of this fandom far outpace the source material. If the fans move on to the next bright shiny thing like the producers and the studios, we will be truly lost.

(And I really need to know how Rules of Attraction ends. *is desperate*)

Please excuse my language because it's already been a long day and it's only 9:30 in the morning.

Sci-Fi and co are canceling the show because they are a bunch of money-grubbing fuckers. They pretend to want to please the fans, but only if those fans happen to agree with the ideas they already have. They drove SG-1 into the ground and moved on to do the same with SGA. With SGA, they had to fight with the existing canon and that pesky thing called character development, not to mention plot. They can make a few cheap movies to pander to the fans and get their cash, but they can also now move on to their new series consisting of ships and blowing shit up. [Don't get me started on how lame it is the 9th chevron goes to a ship when fans have come up with much better ideas in the past. Then again, fans tend to come up with much better plots over all, so...]

Er, yeah, rambled a bit.

Please continue the WIPs. We are going to need the good fic to get through however they fuck up the ending.

they can also now move on to their new series consisting of ships and blowing shit up.

Oh, what the SHIT.

Didn't Farscape get cancelled only about five years ago because they were supposedly tired of doing ship-based shows?

I fucking hate this channel.

(also, see icon)

*snorfles you*

Also? Perhaps we should open a dimensional-reality-portal and bring Crimes' Sheppard and McKay over, and set them loose in the Skiffy executive offices? THERE'S a bloodbath I'd like to see.

Except the problem is getting them to go back, because while their reality there's people who know enough to be wary, in this reality, they'd probably come after US, eventually. Heh.



*resists urge to make vague suggestion that you left SGA before SGA left you*

Of course you have to finish your WIPs. We need to see psychotic John help Rodney destroy the universe to save it, ably assisted by his faithful retainer, Lorne.

Also, we need to know how John escaped certain death in your Arizona-and-points-south series. Or at least I need to know, because if I have to finish that series in my head, John's a splatter of goo somewhere because I kill people in my AUs and you don't want that to happen, do you?

And then there's the Rain Gods, which you might not remember, but I do.

And, of course, there's Teacher's Pet. Which you have to finish because a posse might get raised if you don't. And I'll be the one selling pitchforks near the first rest stop.

... in short, yes. You do need to finish your WIPs.

::points up:: in agreement

also... no John splatter if you plez...

but yeah... your stories weave such an excellent universe that they render reality superfluous...

you've got to WIP it, WIP it good!

(I must be a lot more upset that I originally thought)

So shall it be with SGU if it comes to pass, and I'm a *lot better* at hissing these days.
Ugh, agreed. (Okay, I was hissing at SGA too, at first. And they hadn't axed SG-1 for it or anything. So this? Much, much worse.)

Been there in two other fandoms. I'm so, so sorry to hear about this. :^(

I totally hated it for a long time and there's a small part of me that died when Picard no longer said "Engage."

Indeed. TNG was my first real fandom, and I long had a disconnect going on, though I'd been with VOY from the start. Even when the show enjoys a planned end, it's still there somehow.

I'm so upset! I love that stupid show! It's ours. :( :(