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more vid recs

Maybe I'll use this post for vid recs from VVC.

Like a Stone by sdwolfpup, Prison Break

Whoa. And. Fuck. Okay, the hot on this is exponential, and the fast scene cuts just add to the obsessive, sweaty, heated need pounding through the entire thing. It's all about addiction, to drugs and to a single person. I just--really. I've watched this four times and then bought the song, okay? That.

There's a lot I could say technically about it, though I don't think I have the vocabulary yet to really explain, much less the actual knowledge, so laugh at will.

It's a fast vid, even when it's not, with flashes of the slow descent into desperation and obsession and need. It's sharp and violent and follows the character's pov in a very third-person limited. I thought I had favorite moments, but the truth is, I love it all. Watch for: the wall and echoing between the characters early on, the fight in the yard, and the bit near the end with the knife and back to caressing the wall. Around someone. Drug use as heaven, with a semi-explicit pose of ecstacy and spread thighs was fantastically timed.

This proves dirty is sexy. And God, is it.

Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) by fan_eunice, Dr. Who

Master and Doctor. It sounds like the start of some very specialized porn, and well. Yeah. The vid's fantastic though, as quirky as the Doctor, and gets across both the whimsy and the fixation both. You will laugh. But you'll still hurt a little at the end. She's that good.

White America by anonymous, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Veronica Mars

This one has some discussion as well as the link. I'm still thinking through what I got out of it, which was intensely both racial and classist (by that I mean, exploration of class), but this one has a *lot* of discussion and I'm still not sure. I liked it, though. A lot.

Yes, I have my drugs. Kinda a bit high, really. I may post dS fic tonight. If I can keep remembering how to type.
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