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The Toybox

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no, really
children of dune - leto 1
Have bitten down on a peanut. It really, really was not a good idea. Like, at all.

My dental appointment is Friday. This is so not going to work.

If you want me, I will be trying desperately to get my dentist on the phone for drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs.

Didn't I do this dental drama in 2006? WHY IS IT BACK?

ETA: They cannot do anything until Monday Tuesday (AM I JOB?). Oh. My. God. On the upside, he prescribed drugs.

This totally is not my life. It is someone else's. Someone very very bad.

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(Deleted comment)
Twice now have I managed to break bits off a tooth with yoghurt.


Food is dangerous. IT IS DANGEROUS.

There should be some kind of introductory course. Eating 101 or something like it. Clearly my parents didn't do a good enough job for they warned me off neither yoghurt nor peanuts.

*sad* Honey roasted and saltily delicious. Too delicious, now that I think about it.

My dentist told me that it is much more common to break a tooth when eating something soft then when eating something hard. This is because enamel is harder than virtually anything you'd eat--and if you happen to bite through something in such a way that enamel meets enamel, with force or velocity or just the right angle, one tooth can break the other. Especially if it is already weakened through decay or existing fillings. Soft food doesn't mitigate the power of your own jaws as much as a harder food would.

I broke a tooth once on sushi.

Huh. That makes sense. :)

(Deleted comment)
I wonder if we have any here. Hmm.

Ouch. You have my sympathy. Unfortunately teeth seem to break down with depressing regularity, especially since both fillings as well as crowns and such all have limited lifetimes, so the dental drama *always* comes back. :( Unless you are one of those genetically lucky people who have really hardy teeth that don't even get cavities in the first place. (I know someone like that and secretly hate her *so much* for it...)

My sister. She also lacks the sympathy gene about dental pain. One day. *shakes fist*

It is really unfair. Also looking at your ETAs, how does your appointment get pushed back later and later? Does your dentist call you back in intervals to cackle with evil glee telling you they were joking with their previous arrangements?

*dies* I think he *does*, but it's the time they think it'll take to do the job. I--have no other explanation.

Ack! I hope they give you some painkillers.

He said he called it in. *dubious* I will believe it when it is within my grasp.

In dire need, clove oil on a piece of cottonwool applied to the tooth is amazing and numbs the pain.

If my dentist told me I was going to have to live in pain from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, I would be finding myself a new dentist.

*philosophical* He did prescribe painkillers. I can sort of squint and see the problem, since it's a back tooth, it'll take some serious time to fix from what happened with my other teeth. But--yeah. I keep staring at hte phone, waiting for him to call and say he wants to move it to next Friday or soemthing.

Oh, ouch! That sucks that they can't get you in until next week. I hope they at least gave good drugs.

I am ridiculously excited to see the pharmacist.

Maybe try Orajel also? It's supposed to work for tooth pain; I've just used it for catastrophically bad cold sores, but it did work really well for that.

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