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Life, Work, Fire

I came into work today with no expectation that anything in my remaining tests would be fixed. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I hadn't overestimated the situation--in other words, while no, it's not better, wow, it hasn't gotten worse!

I was a fool.

Two hours into this morning, I stood over Thomas in his office telling him "KILL IT WITH FIRE", which only sounds like an overreaction if you haven't been testing the same program fix about ten times and no one appreciates when you explain that this job has become the definition of insanity--to wit, doing the exact same thing over and over with the idea that the results will change. I think kill it with fire gets the idea across nicely.

Later, my boss eyed me warily. I have attempted to tell him that should I need to light my hard drive on fire, a.) I need more than a lighter; I need to call my son and have him mix me up a good accelerant out of common household chemicals and b.) I will take it outside, as one does.

This will end well, one way or another.

Anthrax watch has ended; I am sure we can all breathe easier knowing whatever that mysterious powder was in the bathroom it was either a.) not anthrax or b.) was anthrax but badly manufactured.

When written out, my job sounds far more interesting than it actually is.

Thoughts from VVC

During the panel on the expansion of vids and whatnot, the idea was broached that up to now, at the intersection of vidding and writing, it tends to be writing --> inspires vid. I was curious--and still am curious--if anyone would be interested in doing the opposite, or rather, pick out a vid, any vid, and write a story based on it. Not merely the constructed reality ones (though wow, could that go some interesting places) but also thematic or mood specific or whatever floats your boat. I'm curious if the writing would end up as much commentary--ie "this is how I see this"--as fic. Would anyone want to participate in that? I mean, basically, you will watch a vid and then write a fic about it. I mean, it's a hard job, but I'm pretty sure most of us would bite the bullet and carefully examine Dean's ass frame by frame, you know?


Yeah, this part is just because I wanted a third section.
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