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a worrisome development in pursuit of the zen
Somehow--and call me crazy--I think there's something dreadfully wrong by being inspired to word count every story I have ever written for the purposes of tagging.

This is a manifestation of something, but I'm not entirely sure what.

Novels (50,000 words and up)

1. Jus Ad Bellum (XMM)- 158,123
2. One Word (VOY)- 109,347 (wip)
3. On Love and Lust at Mutant High (XMM)- 94,358 (series)
4. Landscape (SV) - 92,264 (wip)
5. Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (SV) - 83,789
6. And All the World Beneath (SGA/SPN) - 67,104
7. Pretty When You're Mine (SV) - 63,935 (wip)
8. In the Space of Seven Days (VOY)- 61,303
9. The Yard (SV) - 56,367 (wip)

Novellas (30,000 - 49,999)

1. Crimes Against Humanity - 47,988 (wip)
2. A Handful of Dust (SV)- 47,240
3. Illusions (XMM) - 45,167 (wip)
4. How It's Gonna Be (QaF) - 44,949 (wip)
5. The Rules of Attraction (SGA) - 44,384 (wip)
6. Sleep While I Drive (SV)- 38,194
7. The Wasteland (SV)- 35,996
8. An Unusual Situation (XMM) - 35,850 (wip)
9. This, Too (SV) - 33,481
10. Absolute Zero (VOY) - 33,074 (wip)
11. Stumble and Fall (QaF) - 32,446
12. Three Impossible Things (SV)- 31,740

Long Stories (15,000 - 29,999)

1. The Principle of Exclusion (SGA) - 27,825
2. A Year and a Day (XMM)- 26,861
3. This Is Where the Story Changes (dS) - 24,574
4. Standing in the Common Spaces (SV/Spiderman the Movie) - 24,079
5. Gladly Beyond (SV) - 23,878
6. Looking-Glass (SV) - 23,497
7. Seventy-Two Hours (SV) - 21,722 (wip)
8. No Secret At All (XMM) - 21,102
9. In Pursuit of a Sensation (VOY)- 18,784

Medium Stories (10,000 - 14,999)

1. A Degree of Familiarity (VOY)- 14,884
2. Story of a Girl (SGA) - 13,809
3. Something More (SGA) - 13,508
4. Arizona (SGA) - 12,914
5. Blow Your Mind (SV)- 12,878
6. In a Thousand Miles (XMM)- 12,710
7. Exceptions (XMM)- 12,025
8. Happy Little Sounds (XMM)- 11,971
9. Easy Tonight (VOY)- 11,667
10. As Wide As the Sky (SGA) - 10,982
11. Mexico City (SGA) - 10.451
12. Synchronicity (SGA) - 10,257
13. Frantic (SV) - 10,057

Short Stories (5,000-9,999)

1. Marked (SV)- 9,105
2. When the Sky Falls Down (SV) - 8,890
3. Rising (SV) - 8,718
4. Dealing With the Unexpected (SV) - 8,700
5. Closer to Breathing (SV)- 8,652
6. Manipulation (VOY)- 8,647
7. Off-Center and to the Left (XMM)- 8,627
8. The Autumn People (SV) 8,617
9. The Forest People (SGA) - 8,605
10. I Hear and I Forget (SGA) - 8,546
11. What I Do Is Me-For That I Came (SV)- 8,436
12. All Brand New (SGA) - 8,293
13. Like Running Through Water (SGA) - 8,222
14. Turn You On Somehow (SV) - 8,003
15. Sleeper (SGA) - 7,987
16. For Remembrance (SV) - 7,950
17. Teacher's Pet 11 (SGA) - 7,946
18. Story of a Girl: Insurrection (SGA) - 7,945
19. Stories Out of Childhood (QaF) - 7,714
20. And That's For Remembrance (SGA/Bourne Identity) - 7,666
21. The New Order Sucks (SGA) - 7,551
22. Time and a World Away (SV) - 7,543
23. What You Can't Leave Behind (SGA) - 7,538
24. In a Yellow Wood (SV) - 7,346
25. What I Look For on the Sides of Mountains (SGA) - 7,225
26. The Three Second Answer (dS) - 5,778

I feel this is a bad thing, yet so very exciting. Word count specific tags! You know, as I finished a renaming spree.

del.icio.us == the crack to end all cracks

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17. Teacher's Pet 11 (SGA) - 7,946

... either I should be renaming mine or you're short by 11000 words?

I'd like to point and laugh at you, but I went back and did a month-by-month word count for 2007. (And horrified myself and many others with the total.)


*curls up* I'm not even done with SGA. If I'd been doing this all along, it would be *so much faster*. XMM alone is giving me nightmares.

(Deleted comment)
That would take time away from finishing the SGA page tonight. Maybe Voyager too.

Okay to prove I'm an idiot and that del.icio.us == the crack to end all cracks I went on to see if I could see this function because I planned on adding it to my to do right now 'cause it is awesome list. I still may add word count tags though just not right now 'cause that sounds like more work then I'm willing to do right now. lol

PS before I pushed post I looked up and realized I spelt idiot wrong, the irony was not lost on me. Damn I'm good, lol

Oh trust me--I've been typoing my way across three fic today in ways that are just plain disturbing.

This takes me back. Oh, for the halcyon days of S2 SV. Clark! Lex! Eyefucks!!

I would sell both my kidneys for a podfic version of "Sleep While I Drive."

del.icio.us == the crack to end all cracks

It really, really is.

I have a bad feeling that having multiple del.icio.us accounts with various differnet levels of anal is only the beginning of my descent into madness. But the *tags*....


Because there are times when you want Looooonnngggg fic, and times when you want short fic, and YOU JUST MADE IT EASIER TO FIND, OMG.

(and in case I never told you, Jus Ad Bellum? still one of my favorite fan fics ever.)

I am halfway through word counting all of X-Men!

...probably this is a sign of mental collapse, yes? Yes.

Oh great ::rolls eyes:: Now I'm going to be up all night reading your stuff, while trying not to do this myself, because that will only lead to me wishing I knew how many hits each fit has received since publishing. ::hefs and throws self around petulantly::

And I'm not finishing a sex scene because of this. ::shakes finger at you:: Okay, well, I was having a little trouble with that anyway. It takes me forever to write sex scenes these days because I want them all to be of the awesome and advance the plot and everything while still making people's toes curl!! MY LIFE IS SO HARD!!

::secretly clutches Arizona fics to chest::

You *know* you want to word count and then put them in groups based on type and progress over the years, then see if you are overusing any particular letter of the alphabet for the first letter of yoru title and think I WILL TITLE SOMETHING WITH A Z OR DIE TRYING.

...celli made me close the documents after I told her that some of the fic were not multiples of ten in word count and I needed to add and/or delete words to fix that. I think she is being unfair.

Um, no, sweetie, she is not. Back away. The fics are good like they are. Here, here are some nice tiles. You can count them!

I tend to catch on phrases that keep popping up and try to fix them or change them because everything must be fresh and original and I can't reuse it ever ever ever!! NOOOO!!!

I worry that people comment that I am a "master" at "touching" and "domestic fics" and get a little het up when people coo and call my stuff "cute." I wonder if I should work on another sense (which, hello! not working with video or smellovision!) and try to write something "harder" and less happy.

And then I say fuck it, I'm not forcing it. When the angst comes, it comes. And I like mixing up funny with sexy with angsty and the funny moments that create a world of just the two of them. If people think that's cute; so be it. As long as they keep reading.

I tend to catch on phrases that keep popping up and try to fix them or change them because everything must be fresh and original and I can't reuse it ever ever ever!! NOOOO!!!

Man, I have *ton* of phrases I use and reuse. Some I rewrite, and some--not so much. I don't mean to, it's just--you know, there.

Happy and harder do not equate with quality, which yours is of the highest. Cute is good, touching is excellent, domestic is fantastic, and it's, sadly, a really underappreciated art, because to me, it's just as hard to pull of those as any angst-o-rama at that level of quality, you know?

So you are made of win.

yesssss. yes. nerd joy.

Well, you could take comfort in the fact that it is for a use. Last year I went through 6 years of fics just to graph out how as the quality of writing drastically lowered total word count but raised the story word count. And I hate graphs so there was no sane reason for this other than self-torture.

But tagging for length *sits on hand so it doesn't get any funny ideas*

Uuh... That's meant to say that "as the quality of writing raised..." forget one word and nothing makes sense -_-

I love this so much you have no idea. *awed*


I thought tagging by word count was normal!

*points you in the direction of Word Count Plus* It make tagging by word count omgso much easier.

word count plus is the best addon *ever*.

I know all about the delicious crack; I spent a month retagging just over 7400 links for word count/rating/year written.

And every word reminds me of another one of your delicious stories - chocolate bon bons every one of them

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