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So I got my new sound card for my laptop. Which, you know, I had mediocre expectations and really didn't think it would do much but make it easier to get a good hook-up to my TV.

That said.

This. Is. Awesome.

And that's not just my low expectations talking either. Wow.

I had no idea the internal sound card was that bad. This is seriously--I'm kind of blinking in shock, because the richness is just amazing. I keep testing it between headphones and just get blown away every time. It's that good. It also, amazingly, doesn't make me turn it up nearly as high to get a full range of sound--which apparently I wasn't getting anyway--and, really, wow. I don't have the technical terms, but it was completely worth it.

For those interested in such things, it's the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook Express Card. I'd been looking around for a sound card, but apparently laptops are complete bitches about being upgraded, so I went through Dell's history and remembered this one was definitely sold in conjunction with my model. I just wish I'd ordered it when I originally bought the laptop.

I'd thought it had dolby and thx in it, according to the website, but honestly, I'm not all that worried and I'm wondering if those options only show up during DVD or Blu-Ray play.

The only real complaint I have is that my slot is to the left lower area of my laptop, so it's near my wrist and it sticks out about half an inch more than it should. I kept trying to get it in all the way, then noted it had been mentioned already that this might come up and it stays firmly in place both when being held normally, being held upside down, and shaking very gently. So far, no compatibility issues and did I mention how I am hearing new sounds that I never heard before?

The only thing I did was equalize some songs to vocal boost, but I do that with some songs anyway.

Theoretically, you can hook your entire speaker system or home entertainment into this sucker, so when I get around to that, I'll roll around in an excess of technolust for a bit. I swear, despite my wariness on dating, marriage, or most forms of human contact, the man who can build me a technological paradise at home I would probably marry in a daze. Just bring me plug and play and a program to control the house from a touch screen laptop.

Tested with the following songs with very marked improvement: Pavlov's Bell (Aimee Mann), Miss You (Candlebox), Blue Room in Archway (The Boo Radleys), I Remember (Damien Rice), Fall for You (Secondhand Serenade), and Map of the Problematique (Muse). Only two of these has not yet been made into a vid that I watch regularly. Imagine that.

God I sound like an informerical. It also does julienne fries and can teach you Spanish in thirty days, trufax.
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