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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so the universe is brighter
children of dune - leto 1
Dr Who and Captain Picard Do Shakespeare, from CNN.

...I know, if I really try, I can sell a kidney in time to go see this. Really. This is, I suspect, why I was given two. Hamlet. Tennant and Stewart. I--really can't process this and remain sane, I think.

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i've known about this for awhile, but i didn't really lose it until i realized it was also Patrick Stewart.

but i can't complain, cause i saw Tennant in two different RSC productions back in 1997. he was AWESOME. i have bits of paper which his character in one play threw into the audience.

*GLEE* Okay, *that* is cool.

Imagining him as Hamlet is seriously working for me.

i KNOW. and Hamlet is hands down my favorite WillieS play. i saw Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) as Hamlet and I have to admit, I'd love to add David Tennant to the list of "people i saw play Hamlet." as is, i plan to find a crazy fanNUT who is going and work out some kind of get-my-sheet-of-paper-autographed plan.

i mean, seriously, the lesbians in my group thought David Tennant was so amazing that even they wanted to jump him. of course, they were theatre geeks.

See I'm only just finding out about Stewart *now* I was kind of ignoring because of all the hype - my brain was all just 'OMG people, DT was doing stage work before tv!!'


I have always wanted to see Stewart on stage.

Yes, this. I saw--hmm, youtube I think?--of him in something. I don't remember, as I was listening to the rich ring of his voice and wondering if offering myself as a sex slave would be really that wrong.

For Patrick Stewart? I really don't think so.

I would have offered myself to Ian McKellen long ago (since I first saw youtube clips of him doing Macbeth and Richard III), but he wouldn't want me. *tragic sigh*

(totally unnecessary ETA: except it wasn't youtube, of course, because youtube wasn't AROUND in 1999. *headdesk* I love how that has become synonymous with "video" for me)

Edited at 2008-08-11 04:02 am (UTC)

I seriously have problems remembering pre-youtube sometimes. I know there was a time before, but I've actually *said* youtube when I meant TV or tape or something during the Dark Days Before the Internet.

you know, I can't really think of any other reason for two kidneys - obviously one is intended for emergency theatre-ticket-related needs! and nothing could count more than this production.

Exactly. Legendary theatre requires a sacrifice.

I actually know a guy who is going to the UK just for that play.

I am actually not in any way racked with envy.

Because I believe that it will be the start of whotrekdammerung, the next great wank to hit fandom. And possibly the end of the world.

But the accents will be nice.

I mean, this is kinda why I don't want to see it. I want to see it for the Shakespeare, not for the fan aspect. And I'm kind of afraid that the other fans will kind of ruin it. I mean, I'm not too afraid, because it's the RSC, and these are mostly adult fans, but still...

I went to London with my theatre class in college, and at the Globe we saw a really not great play about pirates, which included Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey from Fresh Prince) and there were all these kids screaming 'Geoffrey' whenever they saw him onstage. Ugh. It was embarrassing, mostly for the poor actor, who had to keep in character and ignore it and it's distracting. However, when we went to Stratford and saw Antony and Cleopatra, with Patrick Stewart (OMG awesome), no one said a thing. Probably primarily because it was evening, and a different crowd, but I'm just kind of leery of something like that happening, and that directing and design and marketing choices are being made for the wrong reasons. I mean, there's no harm in capitalizing on the fame of the names of the actors, but I'm... I don't know. I'm glad I'm not able to go.

Also, Tennant's a bit too old for Hamlet in my book, but that's not really an issue, because it's never cast for the actual age bracket, it's Shakespeare. That's me and my theatre meta issues.

But man, I'm sure they're rocking that script. I know people who worked there, and who know people who still do, so it's all very... odd, hearing people complain about PS.

And I totally hope this will lead to PS being on Who.

Poke me (or, you know, just check neadods' journal, because I think she's the one who posted the link) and I'll dig up the indepth review of the production someone posted a week or two back.

I was in London just a smidgen too early to catch this -- it killed me, that I was juggling my schedule to be late enough to catch one friend in town and early enough for another to be home in time to move out of her apartment, and so couldn't be there after the show started in late July -- but then again the friend who was staying for six weeks and was planning to catch the show (and who has issues with advance planning, in that she did shit like not try to get her plane ticket until two weeks in advance) found out that it was sold out and she'd have to sell a kidney just to afford a ticket on eBay. Meanwhile one of my London friends was talking about how he'd seen Stewart playing in something else Shakespeare a year or two back because he's got the RSC membership, and was debating using his membership to get a set of the London tickets when they went on sale and then make a killing with them on eBay. I did not report this conversation to the friend who was so crushed at not getting the ticket -- the more so since she was initially invited to the dinner with my local friends including the one who had the RSC membership, and I wound up ditching her on the way there due to travel incompatibility and general feduppedness and bitchitude.

Okay, didn't find the review link in neadods' last few entries, but did find Tennant in Hamlet photos linked. Even better.


Alas, the run is mostly sold out in Stratford which makes me very very sad. My mum and I tried getting tickets months ago with no luck. But! Apparently it's a short run in Stratford and then it's actually coming to the West End, so I still have a chance to see these guys! Do Shakespeare.

Funnily enough my colleague went to see the play Catherine Tate is currently in last week and found herself standing behind David Tennant in the queue to pick up her tickets, and then a few minutes later Patrick Stewart walked into the lobby. Needless to say there were a lot of jokes about 'Shouldn't you two be Hamlet-ing this evening?'!

not sure about this tennant guy, but I am pretty sure, I lost part of my soul to Picard before I even knew, what it meant to fall for a guy!
offering myself to him as a sex slave at that time though was out of question, coz I was 9 or 10 when i first saw TNG, and I am sure, he is no pedophile *g*

you mean you didn't know about this???*is astonished* you fail*g*
on the topic on obsession-I'm planning a trip to London that will now be re-named as "that epic trip to see Picard in Hamlet"....so, no actual sightseeing or stuff...*headdesks at her own fangirlisnhness*

I thought I read that even the West End run was already sold out (just passing it on, despite possible inexactitude)... I'm actually seeing the Stratford version, at the end of the month: I've been offered a ticket for my birthday! Birthdays and fen friends are awesome.

I'll try to report good.

West End not sold out, the tickets aren't on sale yet

doh! wondered where I got that from... thanks!

I wish I could go see this. :-/ I know that Patrick Stewart was a serious Shakesperean actor before he became Capt. Picard.


wojelah is going, and I am totally jealous. I saw him back in 2000, before I had any idea who I was, and he was so great (and this was in one of the comedies!) that he was burned on my brain, even from my crappy seats way in the back of the RSC theater. When the Harry Potter movie came out, I was like "wait - no, wait, I know that guy!" He's remembered-him-five-years-later-just-from-my-second-mezzanine-seats-view-of-him good. I can't wait to hear reviews.

I bought tickets the day they went on sale last year. I figure I haven't been to the UK in 7 years so it's a good reason to go. :D

Ooooooooooh, it is AWESOME. I don't want to advocate selling organs, but David is great and Patrick is great and the production itself is quite fantastic! I'm just...shocked that you didn't know this before now! I thought all of fandom went esplodey back when this was announced, and there was quite the flurry when tickets first went on sale in, like, the early spring.

There was already dangerously close-to-embarrassing fangirling at the one I went to, and that was just one of the preview performances. I'm really crossing my fingers that it doesn't get overboard as more and more fangirls see the show.

I posted this the other day when I found it:

Favourable review over at BBC

My favorite part:

Tennant also uses his hair to great theatrical effect. From the sleek combed-back style of his first scene, he ruffles it to display despair, rage and madness. It deserves a credit of its very own.

What I wouldn't do to go... :)

(Deleted comment)
*huge eyes* Are you kidding?

I am so envious right now you have no idea. Happy for you! But God. YOU HAVE TO REPORT IT.

Maybe save your kidneys - the (Guardian?) review I read said it is sold out until the end of the run in November. Curses.

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