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saturdays are good days
children of dune - leto 1
Accomplished today:

1.) Have worked out how to use TV as monitor. This is fun. I feel powerful and very smart. This could be dangerous--I had this epiphany regarding in-wall speakers and noticed the sale on wiring--so you know, if you don't hear from me, might not be anthrax. Might be hideously embarrassing electrical death.

Note: still no sign of anthrax. Will tentatively accept it could have either been some kind of cleaner or baby powder.

2.) Accompanied my mother to Best Buy, who walked out, dazed and confused, with a new TV and sound system. You have to understand; my parents are kind of competitive, and the crispness of LCD broke them finally, because I am vicious and their TV sucks. Well, okay, they went plasma. But it continues to be funny.

3.) Finished fic! Due South, twenty-four thousandish words, give or take the five lines I keep going back to and wrecking in a fit of self-loathing. If anyone feels like they would seriously enjoy redlining it to death (and checking my canon, please), please to be emailing (seperis at gmail dot com) or replying here. Betas found! My life is complete.

4.) Um, that's it. Other things are of suckitude, but I am relentless in my quest not to think about them until I have to.

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Please share the tv-as-monitor knowledge. I've been wanting to do this for a while with my laptop, as I'm an arts student and frankly, even my 17" monitor is not big enough sometimes for the highly detailed images.

Did you just use an S-cable? If so, I am going to hit myself in the forehead. Hard.

I did at first, but it screws up resolution. If you have the hookups, a DVI, if you don't, VGA, if not that, and if your laptop and video card support it, composite. The VGA is fantastic.

Wait, so which do you recommend more? VGA or DVI? And you were using an LCD tv, I assume?

Yep, LCD. If you have DVI, that's the best from what I read, with VGA second. I have VGA, so that's what I'm using. When you do dual monitor set-up, check to see if your TV resolution is greater or lesser than your monitor. I'd go with dual, because the clone one that makes them identical also makes them match resolutions, whereas dual extends your desktop and allows them to have different resolutions and a lot of extra space. That's assuming you want the laptop to still show, which I do. I have a mid-range card and it hasn't had any problems handling this, though you might want to check your card first and see what it's capable of and if you'll need to or can overclock it.

From this side, the view is fantastic. The TV runs in--hmm. I think either 1070 or 1280 horizontal while my monitor does 1680. I'm still expereimenting with the resolution on the TV, since it can go up to 1300, but it's still up in the air.

I can redline and canon check for you. You don't even want to know how many times I watched every episode. I'd feel shame about it, but ... yeah, no, I apartently broke my shame.

I would also love to redline and I can canon-check the pilot, season three, and the finale.

(Deleted comment)
Sure and thank you! Googledocs or email?

yeah, me again.just....*does her happy dance after finding out you finished your dS fic* I think I speak for all of us who read your fics when I say...thank you kindly *g*

*hugs* Cat came out to tell me on Saturday that you wrote 25,000 words of dS fic and it filled me with glee. I believe my exact words were "Woo! I have no computer, but I have internet on my phone!"

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