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I don't even know
children of dune - leto 1
From eleveninches

Trailer for Cthulhu.


On one hand, Lovecraft! On the other, Tori Spelling. On the third, some creepy moments. On the other, oh my God what the hell did you hybridize this into? On the fourth, Cthulhu.

*face buried in hands* It can't be as bad as the fishy people one on sci-fi channel that I had to watch, had to because it was Lovecraft even though it looked more like low-rent Texas Chainsaw Massacre without involving Texas or a chainsaw and did involve people with tentacles in a way that was not hentai and more's the pity. Because when you actively hope they're going that way for the sake of the plot, something is wrong.

...maybe it is a weird apple joke?

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when you actively hope they're going that way for the sake of the plot, something is wrong.

"Something is WRONG on the Scifi Network!"

Tentacle rape would have at least been a comprehensible plot. I don't even know what the rest of that was. God, all those people with fins.

Tori Spelling makes my soul hurt.

There is nothing about this that does not hurt me, up to and including the fact I have to see it anyway. As it is Cthulhu.

I don't know, dude. If they're going to make a good book into a bad movie, they might as well pull out all the bad movie stops.

I say bring on the illogic and the bizarre additions and the Tori Spellings, make an excellent terrible movie, and save the good stuff for when they decide to do it right.

*dies and dies* True.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, who saw that coming, y'know? *winces*

I am not sure if I am sad or happy that Cthulhu isn't actually in it. But no, alas, it is not a joke. Or at least, it was not intended to be such. I'm sure it will be a joke. :D I have to watch it too. Cthulhu, man! Sigh.

Yes, exactly. Exactly.

I must warn you - my understanding is that there is a rape scene. Whyyyy. Why am I going to voluntarily watch this. This is not the Cthulhu I signed up for.

Jesus FUCK!!

DUDE! It's CTHULHU! I mean, it's on the west coast and I doubt the Necronomicon (much less Klaatu, Borata, Nicto) will be in it, but DUDE.

Maybe they'll sacrifice Tori Spelling. I mean, that's gotta be worth the price of admission right there, if they do.

And hell, gay sex. You know H.P. would approve.

Hmm. Sacrifice!Tory Spelling. I like this.

But - but - Cthulu? That's supposed to the The Horror at Innsmouth! Cthulu has so very little to do with Innsmouth! Why couldn't they use the story as it stood? They could even modernize it, I wouldn't bitch, it's fine as it is, what are they doing to the story oh my god what. D:

I may have to see it anyway. Oh god what.


(Deleted comment)
Okay, you should have made ths movie. That would be *inspired*. And oddly believable.

Tryst? Did they just used "tryst" in the description of the movie?

It's still too early in the day for me, for now I'm imagining Tori S. in a tryst with Cthulhu.

*sad* If you ask in a tone of horror, then yes, I think so.

Here! Films is one of the companies involved in making it, so I think the producer slapped Teh Gay on one of HPL's traditionally effete but heterosexual protagonists in order to get the $ to make this thing.

As awful as this is likely to be, I still think Cthulhu Mansion is the gold medal winner for worst movie inspired by Lovecraft.

Well. She does arguably have the Innsmouth Look.

Though, I think that's dieting and bad nose jobs, not interbreeding with Deep Ones.

I watched this movie at a recent festival. It was really bad, with gaping holes in the plot and bizarre camera angles. Tori Spelling's acting was credible, compared to the rest of the cast, even if she was involved in a big squick moment.
Maybe intoxication would make it better?

On one hand, Lovecraft! On the other, Tori Spelling.
Those two should never be seen on the same line together *ever*

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