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a narrow, narrow escape

So today I narrowly avoided a hideous death by anthrax, also known as baby powder.

Okay, just go with this. You are a public employee. You go to the bathroom to do what things in bathrooms need to be done. And then you find--white powder.

Fine. White. Powder. On the toilet seat. You know, too late to do anything about it.

Now granted, there's a better chance I was--in contact--with a heroin-coke mix left by a disgruntled third floor Dell employee than weapons grade anthrax, but work with me here. You don't find that on the toilet seat except in certain very specialized venues that usually aren't in builds that there are state employees in. So of course, I cleaned up (already doomed), ran to my office (feeling my death hovering), to look up how long I have to live and spent the rest of the day feeling martyred and wondering if there had been any new antibiotics introduced into the fight. By the way, I've got like, a week before respiratory collapse, since when it comes in powder form, it's inhalation and oh my God, if there was a clever plan to attack public servants, they aren't starting on a toilet seat. That wouldn't be clever. That would be a waste of a substance that, if I read correctly, is worth more than many small countries. They'd poison themselves first.

Probably powder. Very fine, white powder. On the toilet. Do people use powder on the toilet?

Well, this has been an interesting day.
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