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at some point, I'm sure this will be less crazy

So. You who have been here a while have come to maybe notice my ways of coping with a bad mood. The thing is. Well. Okay, there was this sale.

To be utterly fair, my mother needed a new monitor. And they had a really pretty nineteen inch one at Best Buy. And it was on sale! Limited numbers! That--probably doesn't explain how I walked out with a twenty-two inch one and a TV, I guess. It does however, explain why I am curled up around thirty-seven inches of flatness that mirrors my laptop when I hook everything up and keep having the strange urge to pet it frequently. Honestly, I'm not sure how that happened. But I love this TV.

His name is Benton. I--well, I don't have a new computer to name with the new fandom, so--*gestures*. The TV. Oh but it is pretty. It's flat. It is black and goes with everything. It loves me.

To easier faciliate this bonding of electronics, maybe ordered a new soundcard for the laptop and some headphones.

Frankly, the only reason I don't have a home theatre system is that God is kind and my mother, realizing too late what had happened, led me away from electronics before I completely ruined all my credit card progress. Now it is only partially ruined. Also, the Phillips one was out of stock.

But it is not baby clothes. So you know, there you go. Not baby clothes.
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