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The Toybox

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at some point, I'm sure this will be less crazy
children of dune - leto 1
So. You who have been here a while have come to maybe notice my ways of coping with a bad mood. The thing is. Well. Okay, there was this sale.

To be utterly fair, my mother needed a new monitor. And they had a really pretty nineteen inch one at Best Buy. And it was on sale! Limited numbers! That--probably doesn't explain how I walked out with a twenty-two inch one and a TV, I guess. It does however, explain why I am curled up around thirty-seven inches of flatness that mirrors my laptop when I hook everything up and keep having the strange urge to pet it frequently. Honestly, I'm not sure how that happened. But I love this TV.

His name is Benton. I--well, I don't have a new computer to name with the new fandom, so--*gestures*. The TV. Oh but it is pretty. It's flat. It is black and goes with everything. It loves me.

To easier faciliate this bonding of electronics, maybe ordered a new soundcard for the laptop and some headphones.

Frankly, the only reason I don't have a home theatre system is that God is kind and my mother, realizing too late what had happened, led me away from electronics before I completely ruined all my credit card progress. Now it is only partially ruined. Also, the Phillips one was out of stock.

But it is not baby clothes. So you know, there you go. Not baby clothes.

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The thing is. Well. Okay, there was this sale.

Famous last words, right there... =P

If I'd jsut ordered it online, I'd be fine. But I had to go and pick it up myself and that, that was doom. And I knew it.

Yeah, going to the store can be a real bitch if you have poor impulse control when it comes to spending. Fortunately, I can usually handle myself when it comes to larger purchases - however, I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to smaller things -- you know, those 'extras' that find their way into the basket when you are doing the weekly grocery shopping. The worst thing that ever happened to me was supermarkets selling all those things - like DVDs and...gasp...books. That stuff quickly adds up to a sizeable amount of expenditure...

*thoughtfully* Yeah, the DVDs are my biggest weakness. I'm a completionist, with books adn movies and TV shows.

The power of Benton Fraser compells you ;)

The stupid credit card that I hid from myself and almost paid off and then *found* while looking for something else is the real culprit. Yet Benton is--here. And I cannot help but love him.

Benton is love! Our TV is old and analog (but still works! we even have a HD antenna!)

(Deleted comment)
He will be the speaker system. *G*

I suppose pointing out that they sell techy baby clothes at ThinkGeek would be foul play? (Sorry, low blow.)

See, electronics stay with you. They enhance your life. And if you found them on sale, well, that was just meant to be. As for your credit card -- it wouldn't have been found if it didn't want to be used.

...Wow. I think I need to go to bed before I somehow hurt myself through over-babbling.

Yes! This! If it didn't want to be abused, why did it come back? WHY?

But retail therapy is so much FUN!

I have to force myself to be good when I go to Best Buy - especially since in my local mall it's right across the hall from Borders. So evil. If they get an Apple store in that mall I think I might have to move away. ^_^

And what's Dief's role in all your electronics?

Good point. I do not have a Dief yet. *mulls*

Retail therapy is awesome. And? New tvs are always for the win -- what kind? I need specs! *makes cute face*

ooooooooooooooooooo. Dynex is good, yes, I approve, not that such was obviously necessary *g* All you really needed was the DVI converter, for your laptop, but there are ways around that, so yay! Tv! Retail therapy!

DVI converter? *intrigued* tell me more.

Currently I'm using the S cable and ordered a new sound expresscard so I can do direct speaker hookup. Well, that and working how to set the resolution manually on the video card.

If you had the DVI then you could hook your computer up to the tv and make it a second monitor (ie, using a dvi monitor cable). That's the set up I have at home, now. the signal's a little cleaner, that's all. The S-vid cable will work just fine.

Sadly, as much as I should probably be telling you not to spend more money, I do actually recommend getting a receiver. Use the tv speakers, whatever, but a good receiver is worth it, because you can hook the sound of multiple devices to it seamlessly. Our receiver (yes, I am the child of techie people who love to play and I've totally inherited it) has sound for the tv, the dvr, the dvd, the computer, the vcr, the record-player, and the laptop. Each one has its own input/output scheme. Granted, our remote is like the ninth circle of hell and only I can really operate it without thinking. But still. WORTH IT.

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