Seperis (seperis) wrote,

lj evils and an announcement

Part I:

lexcorp_hope made me a lovely icon! And LJ is trying to destroy my soul.

Okay, how are these things related? Let me explain.

While working on something, I accidentally deleted my friends style. Okay, no big deal, one might think, if one did not know me very well or one assumed that I was sane. stupid things like that freak me out. I couldn't remember the coding I'd added, and then it refused to CHANGE styles, but kept it in this format that I simply could not COULD NOT read.

Luckily, it started letting me chagne eventualy, but that is whyit looks--well, werid. To me. I HAD it exactly like I'm comfy reading it!

I, friends, do not like change. It's a sad, sad thing.

So today, it seems--relatively something I can deal with until I make imaginary time to take the code and start altering it back to what I prefer. Okay. So, uploading icon Hope made.

And of course, it doens't work. Because? That, my friends, would be easy.


In other news, rivakt recced Baring the Cross, which is so good my teeth are aching, and I don't remmber reading this. Now, to put it another way--when this story was posted, I was reading EVERYTHING that anyone posted in SV, right up to and including some forms of Clark/Lana (I learned better soon after). So if I read it, apparetnly, I have forgotten it completely. If I haven't, I should be so ashamed, except--I got to read it today!

By CJ, who I Adore, and wow. Just. Wow.

*loves CJ and RivkaT*


Part II:

Well. I have chatted myself to comfort zone. I'll just jump.

*edited at 12:56 AM to change banners. I didn't even notice, Khaki and other anonymous person! *shakes head* I need sleep soon. Someday.*

Coordinated by taraljc, celli, slodwick and myself. Specific information regarding method, rules, etc, can be found at the_treasury, and didn't Slod pick a cool name for it?

Discussion opens today--questions, remarks, clarification, etc, feel free to wander over and comment as desired. Nomination and voting dates are included in the entry.

*breathes* Okay, feeling better now.
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