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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's almost painful not being able to go in and correct this
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I totally understand not liking a fic. I even understand not liking mine. However, if you are going to spend a dozen freaking comments bitching about it, it would probably help if you had read it, because princess, that was not the ending. And I'm pretty sure you also missed the beginning, if the description of the activities is anything to go by. And about five sections in the middle you must have skimmed big time. Along with two conversations and, how is this even possible, the only actual porn scene.

Argh. Fine, bash away, but at least bash what I actually did. I feel the wrong kind of dirty. Though now I am tempted to rewrite the fic to the specifications of the poster, because that would be awesome.

By the way, it was Stumble and Fall, QaF.

You know, that one I want to DVD commentary one day, just because that was the first time I spent a series feeling edgy and subversive about het.

ETA: Is it just me, or is my italics abuse escalating?

Entitlement princess or entitlement nutjob? My god, the choices!

That's just...weird. In a special kind of way.

See, that fic, I can understand people hating, it's that kind of a fic. A lot of people hated it, and they felt free to tell me so. But by God, hate it for what I was actually *doing* in there, dammit.

*sulks* I demand accurate notoriety. Or something.

Quite possibly. I haven't been keeping track, but this time around does seem a bit more than usual.

*nods* I noticed I was adding more italics tags that usual. This is worrisome.

Waves brightly, well, I enjoy your fic. I don't recognize the title though. I have to go back and check your page. Qaf? Um, don't recognize the short cut, shrugs. Huh, the History channel is talking about vampires, chuckles, irony anyone. -SB

Queer as Folk.

Mm. Vampires.

A dozen comments bitching about a fic they hadn't actually read most of? Wow. I don't actually understand all that well spending a lot of time bitching about fic that you didn't enjoy (I'd much rather spend that time searching for fic I do), but . . . if I did, I'd hope I would at least make certain I knew what I was talking about. D:

It was very, very weird. It's like she either skimmed hard or--I don't even know. I recognized most of it, then kept getting thrown by the wait, what bits. *sighs* And it is a fic that has ample reason to be disliked by premise alone.

I haven't read the fic (though I will, now), but considering what I have read of your writing, I don't understand how anything of yours could create that sort of reaction O.o

Well. This one was very--er. God. See, I get people hating it, it's that kind of a story and I knew it when I wrote it. I don't even know how to put it. It starts with Echo, though, so there's context for what happens later.

Ack, I hate it when people willfully misinterpret stuff.

Yes! And completely change the context! And I swear some of that is willfully skipping the actual plot.


(Deleted comment)
I'm worrying now that grammar make take out a restraining order on me. The italics have been talking, you see.

Eh, yer a BNF. Some people think it's fun to bash BNFs because... well, just because. What, you haven't run into this before? Pfft.

(Yes, I will do almost anything to get out of doing laundry and rebuilding Mark's computer for Nansi, because I'm lazy that way and no, I don't think you're overusing italics because you don't use them nearly as much as I do thank you verra much.)

Eh, QaF was very--splintered. I don't really think i was read much outside a very small segment of already-livejournal people or soon-to-be livejournal people. Well, and my poor flist, who put up with my fandom sluttery. So I honestly doubt it's that--it *is* a story that honestly, I wouldn't have read if I hadn't written it, which is, well, part of the reason I wanted to write it.

Ah, what a very special and talented princess it is, all able-and-willing to critique a story it hasn't read. I once encountered an entire community of such princesses, who critiqued a novel of mine before it was even back from the printers. They were very special princesses. *g*

Aggravating, isn't it? *hugs* Certainly worthy of some italic-tags.

People? Are weird.

*hugs you* Also, dear God, that sucks. I cannot imagine going through that.

I don't think anyone should ever publicly bitch about not liking someones fic. We each have our own likes and dislikes and those should not be imposed upon others.

I've read many a fic that has left me wondering why in the hell the author wrote it or why they write at all, but then I remember they wrote it for themselves not for me and I should just skedaddle along and find a fic I do enjoy. I suggest that this person do the same.

*thoughtful* The bitching I didn't mind, to be honest, though yeah, argh, but the inaccuracy irritated me, and not just in interpretation but in what was actually *written*. I keep thinking they must be mixing me up with someone else or something.

As a reader I'm sometimes amazed at the comments people leave. As in: Did you actually read the same story I just read? And why the hell do people insist on reading fics they don't like to the very end, just so they can whine about them? What's scares me the most is that people like this have the right to vote in RL. There's reality and then there's their construct of it. Of course, they always consider themselves The One And Only Truly Enlightened.

FLOG the italics, I say.

I have been surprised sometimes by people's commentary that is just--I sit there and go, right, did we even inhabit the same universe? Did you read a similarly titled story somewhere else? It is to boggle.



It's the slippery slope of turning into Dr. Rodney McKay.

BEWARE! Next you will start wanting to nail messy-haired Air Force pilots.

....I think I hit the messy-haired pilot stage a long time ago.

Oh my. This can't end well.

That reminds me of my sister who has not read the Harry Potter books and yet bitches about them. She has heard about them and some shit other people have said and formed an opinion. She won't even listen to me when I try to contradict her, which makes so much sense when I've read the books.

Some people just like to bitch and love to grasp onto something they know nothing about in order to do it.

Hey. As long as she's not from Chile...

Actually, you know what would be really embarrassing for her? If she was actually reading a different story entirely somewhere, and then accidentally commented like, 12 times.

Also, I fully support italics abuse. Hit the italics harder baby, you know they like it.