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it's almost painful not being able to go in and correct this

Okay, I totally understand not liking a fic. I even understand not liking mine. However, if you are going to spend a dozen freaking comments bitching about it, it would probably help if you had read it, because princess, that was not the ending. And I'm pretty sure you also missed the beginning, if the description of the activities is anything to go by. And about five sections in the middle you must have skimmed big time. Along with two conversations and, how is this even possible, the only actual porn scene.

Argh. Fine, bash away, but at least bash what I actually did. I feel the wrong kind of dirty. Though now I am tempted to rewrite the fic to the specifications of the poster, because that would be awesome.

By the way, it was Stumble and Fall, QaF.

You know, that one I want to DVD commentary one day, just because that was the first time I spent a series feeling edgy and subversive about het.

ETA: Is it just me, or is my italics abuse escalating?
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