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i am disturbed

Okay, now today feels like a Monday.

Also, I am suddenly--and let me say ridiculously--jonesing for babyfic. This could be the fact that having two family members below the age of six months is affecting hormonal surges, but I want babyfic. And no, not like, normal domestic babyfic, no. I want angsty babyfic that involves kidnapping and crossing international and/or intergalactic borders and I don't know, some kind of explosion somewhere in there. Maybe with a war. I have no idea. And I want it to be very long. And you know, while I'm at it, I want Godiva on my desk right now.

Oh, this can't end well. It just can't.

I really wish I had better news than watching some kind of strange, fannish nervous breakdown in progress. So. Weird.
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