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i am disturbed
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, now today feels like a Monday.

Also, I am suddenly--and let me say ridiculously--jonesing for babyfic. This could be the fact that having two family members below the age of six months is affecting hormonal surges, but I want babyfic. And no, not like, normal domestic babyfic, no. I want angsty babyfic that involves kidnapping and crossing international and/or intergalactic borders and I don't know, some kind of explosion somewhere in there. Maybe with a war. I have no idea. And I want it to be very long. And you know, while I'm at it, I want Godiva on my desk right now.

Oh, this can't end well. It just can't.

I really wish I had better news than watching some kind of strange, fannish nervous breakdown in progress. So. Weird.

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Freakishly, the due South story I never wrote was angsty babyfic. In Canada. No kidnapping, though. I mean, I was gonna kill the mom, but ... yeah.

I kind of want to kidnap Victoria's kid. It's all--cliched yet very, very addictively so. In that way that melodrama and lots of shooting and running away is.

Well, I wand good D/s fic where John is the dom. And then I also want good D/S fic in where Rodney is. I have found a great motherlode of fic of either sort that is so OOC I'm not even sure who those people are.

And some baked macaroni and cheese. Maybe with a little broccoli along with on the side as fiber.

Hey! *is insulted*

Actually, you find me good John-dom D/s fic and I'll throw you a damned party. Most of the stuff I've read is -- ug. Not so good. With a very few exceptions (Telesilla being one).

(also, not actually insulted; it's hard to get them D/s without making them a little OOC)

Edited at 2008-08-06 03:41 pm (UTC)

See that? That is when I see John and Rodney losing it and like-- becoming really hot but rogue fighters that possibly could care one wit about what's right and wrong because someone took their child.

Oooo, now THAT is a great idea.

(Deleted comment)
You made me commit commentfic!!

"Take this." Sheppard shoves what looks like a big pile of blankets into Rodney's arms and deftly grabs the laptop out of his hand in time for Rodney to transfer his grip to the blankets before they fall. Or, before the shockingly solid thing inside the blankets falls. Rodney can feel Sheppard sticking the laptop to the velcro on his back while he hefts the bundle, trying to find an opening in the folds to see what it is. Sheppard claps him on the shoulder. "Let's go, and be quiet."

"Did you just steal a ZPM or something?" Rodney hisses. "What are we--" He stops moving when he finally gets a peek at what he's carrying. "What the fuck, Sheppard!?"

John rounds on him with a hissed shush. "What part of 'be quiet' didn't you understand? We need to go, right now. And don't swear." He shoves at Rodney's back, enough to get him moving but not enough to stop him talking.

"I'll fucking swear if I fucking feel like it, Colonel, and right now I really fucking feel like it. You want to explain to me why we're lighting out of here with stealth and speed? Could it have something to do with, oh, I don't know, you losing your mind and kidnapping a fucking baby?"

"She's the princess," John huffs from behind him, directing him to turn right with a tap on the shoulder. Rodney ducks through a half-tall door and suddenly they're outside.

"Oh, great, the princess, that explains everything," Rodney grumbles, and John shoves at him again.

"Notice how many princesses there are around here?"

Rodney holds the baby close against his chest as they half-jog along the dark path. She squirms a little with the treatment, but doesn't make any noise. He thinks back along the course of the day, and realizes--"There aren't any."


"Wait--" Rodney stops and turns to John, who stops very close, the baby held between them. "What does 'exactly' mean, exactly?"

John's eyes are dark pools in the shadowed moonlight, but Rodney can see well enough when John looks down at the princess. "They sacrifice princesses here, Rodney." He raises one hand to touch the blanket near her face. "Literally. They're going to leave her out on that altar-thing tomorrow."

"Oh, that's just fucking fantastic," Rodney snarls, but he holds his burden just a little tighter and follows Sheppard's gaze downward. The princess is awake, regarding John and Rodney with wide, trusting eyes. Oh, holy hell; just like that, Rodney's gone, fully on board with whatever half-cooked plan John's got in mind.

"We need to get out of here," Rodney whispers, and John points the way to the Gate.

"Don't swear in front of the baby."

Edited at 2008-08-06 03:41 pm (UTC)

::squeals:: BABY PRINCESS!

No swearing. So cute. I swear.

Does pre-baby fic count? Because I just re-read (again, for another time) lallybroch's This Woman's Work. Genderswitch, Wraith, trapped, deals gone wrong, and a tad of bloodshed. Fantastic.

Hmm. Adding that to my to-read.

...great now I want angsty babyfic. Especially with intergalactic kidnapping and explosions.


*sad* I know. *waves hand* Maybe someone will pick it up?????

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Oh, that's right, it totally does! Seperis, have you seen today's Big Bang previews?

Oh, are we just into wishing? Then I wish I could FINISH THIS FUCKING STORY ALREADY!!! sob

And why hasn't anybody (well, except me, sorta) written an AU for Teyla in which Teyla dies and the boys are stuck with the baby? Maybe even stranded somewhere with the baby? Huh?

Huh. Good point. *mulls*

Have you read the SGA fic by cottontail where they have a baby via Ancient tech and the kid dies after a few years?

The Fic you're talking about is, Like No Other Child by Cottontail73, and I found it at Wraithbait. It is wonderful, angsty, and has all the tension, denial (John), surprise, surprise...Rodney is the one who pulls through in the pinch. John has to be dragged in kicking and screaming. This author leaves room for a sequel, and I keep hoping. Her set-up was brilliant. Anybody interested in angsty babyfic should really check this out. -SB

Went looking for Echo Across the Void because I figured it fit the bill for dimension-spanning babyfic with explosions and alien invasions and whatnot, but I couldn't remember it was by lizbee and so I also turned up calapine's Miniature Disasters and The Child That Time Made while I was at it.

ETA: Oh, forgot to link Cheer Up, Emo Time Moppet too.

Edited at 2008-08-06 07:43 pm (UTC)

You might want to browse the kidfic tag at ds_ficfinders or this list. Off the top of my head I can rec Hth's "Happily Ever After" series, Journey's "Journey's End" series, and Pearl-o's Carrie fics. But somehow I always end up going back to Eggroll for my ds kidfic jonesing.

oh, wow, now i want that, too!!!!!!!!!!

I. I'm bound to secrecy, but. It is possible that the Preview I'm posting tomorrow for my Big Bang fic? Might interest you. *Slaps hands over mouth while laughing insanely*

Also, you should write one! Oh god, yes, I want this from your pen. *bounces at the idea* Intergalactic, war, please, yes!!

Edited at 2008-08-06 11:38 pm (UTC)

Oooooh. I am now anticipatory.

Man, I want babyfic where there's some seething resentment, and maybe the baby ISN'T actually the cutest baby ever - I mean, he's cute, okay, but not THE CUTEST BABY EVER. And he has colic and cries A LOT, and it's all well and good to say "Oh, this will pass, before you know it he'll be off to elementary school", but Rodney and John are SLEEP-DEPRIVED, OKAY, and there's certainly no sex EVER, and in the meantime they keep having to go on missions and it's not that they don't like Lorne, but they caught him just sitting with the baby and watching TV, and that can't be good for development, right? I mean, CAN IT?? Seriously, GOD. And every one is stressed at least SOME of the time, and conflicted about going back to work (but without Teyla's awesome powers of fabulousness to deal with or at least HIDE the conflict). I want fic where nobody wants to change the disgusting diapers, okay, because they're GROSS. And every time John has to get up to get the kid a bottle - because they're men, they can't breastfeed! - he feels this insidious, powerful resentment toward Rodney. And it's no good, Rodney saying the next morning, "Why didn't you just wake me up??" because John knows it's impossible to wake Rodney up! Everyone knows that! It's common knowledge! So John just gets the bottle, and he heats it up, and then he stands there over the crib with the bottle stuck in the kid's mouth, half-dozing (him AND the kid), and resents Rodney (who he can hear snoring in the next room, damn him).

But really the kid is kind of cute. Thank goodness.

*dies and dies* Yes. This.

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