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Fraser on safe sex:
Fraser's stretched out on his stomach on the floor inches away from Dief, both of them staring at each other with a weird intensity.

"Didn't you do your dominance thing last night?" Ray asks, wanting coffee before trying to work out what this is. Much less--much less anything else. The back of his neck feels hot, and he can't help touching it, like Fraser left a mark there he could feel.

"We're having an argument," Fraser says tranquilly, chin on folded hands. "Regarding the consequences of foolish actions."

Dief snorts. Fraser rolls his eyes. "That won't be a problem for us," he answers firmly as Ray gets coffee and takes a drink. "I can't get Ray pregnant."

Ray swallows fast, leaning over the sink until he can breathe again.

"Or become pregnant," Fraser adds, to be complete about it.

I can't even tell where I was going with that. *facepalm* See, all it was? This thing with like, an axe and some--I don't even know. But it's almost twenty thousand words, it still doesn't have an ending, and I can't even prove it has a plot. I think there's snow and Frobisher. Yeah. No, not like that.

So basically, this is the only part of it I like. Likely, it's the only part anyone will ever see.
Tags: fandom: due south
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