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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so you see, this explains everything
children of dune - leto 1
Note for the future: find a better way to do author sign-ups. Just--so that is out there. Find a better way to do them. And there are more this year, which I verified by going to look and yes, of course intellectually I know a challenge has a period of years of escalation before they reach terminal and either plateau or slowly and painfully die, but--still.

That is so freaking cool. Don't mind me. I'm petting my challenge and not reading the first ones up until I get through page ten on author sign-ups. That's my reward for being good and doing my work. I am very motivation-oriented.


DVD Commentary Challenge

DVD Commentary Challenge is up and running. There's been one significant rule alteration that is just basically a way to get more commentaries mentioned this weekend. If you are interested in participating or simply wish to look at the all the posted commentaries so far--yes, there are people who have already posted them. I love my life!--mosey to the community, dvd_commentary.

Dead Letter Variations Challenge

We have a month left until the end of the Dead Letter Challenge, so you have plenty of time to kill a character and write a letter. Rules are fairly loose--I want an epistle and I'm not picky how dead they are to get it. Read the rules, ponder universal mysteries, be morbid.

Well, That's It

I have no plans to be interesting for at least, uh, a month. I am, however, attempting to write porn and rediscovering the fact that doing it in a new fandom is hideously embarrassing. Wait, just think about it. It's like dating, you know? Writing porn isn't necessarily a commitment--whee boy, would I be a hell of a fandom slut if that were true--but it's a fairly large fannish step. Actually, for me, when I'm willing to mutilate anyone, it's a marriage, but just go with the metaphor. This is the part where you have to you know, hope that thing you learned in that last fandom with your tongue and the electrical outlet isn't considered all icky. What if no one else does that? Does that make you a pervert? Yes, actually, but we celebrate that. What if everyone does it up against a wall with a carrot? Christ, I hope not, I can't face organic vegetation. It's like this with every fandom. Especially with one who has had ten million partners before you or so the archive seems to imply.

(You know the worst? QaF? Full freaking panic attack; I mean, you really can't beat canon unless you--well, you can't. There were canonical orgies, kink, and drug use and prostitution. I mean, people, there's a reason I tried het there. That was edgy and kinky and weird.)

dS == easiest fandom in the galaxy? y/y?

Welcome to my Monday. It's actually not too bad.

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(Deleted comment)
Maybe this is a stupid question but I can't find the answer. Did you ever post the rest of The Rules of Attraction? I had a lot of trouble keeping up with my flist the last couple months so I'm worried I missed it and you didn't tag it or something? Boo.

OH man I just checked your tags again and I found a new part! God I am blind. 8-|

(Deleted comment)
Yes, feel free. I, er, didn't feel right adding my name to the permission list until I have everyone else on it added to the master list and completed. But go ahead! Yay! Commentary!

I am, however, attempting to write porn and rediscovering the fact that doing it in a new fandom is hideously embarrassing.

Very true. This is mirrored in reading a new fandom. What is considered hideously kinky in one fandom is de rigor in the next. X-Files and your obsession with auto-erotic asphyxiation, I'm looking at you. It's... likely to make one accidentally spit one's soda.

But look at it this way, with 10 million partners, most things have probably been tried.

You are made of awesome (where do you get your energy?) and I can't wait to read your new fandom!porn. :D

*winces* I woke up to the fact I had a metaphor of wolves go hideously wrong wrong wrong at page thirty-three that led to a panicked "I did not just write weird not-sex pack porn" and you know, that's just not a good sign.

I mean, when it doesn't make sense even when you are writing it and still can't stop, it is time to--I don't know. Run away.

Indeed, DS is so the easiest fandom in the galaxy. They'll spread their legs for anybody! *glee*

SGA, on the other hand? *tentatively dips toe into the water and then jerks it back*

*waves hand* SGA is easy. She'll do it anywhere. She involved dolphins and penguins.

...how I can say that as a recommendation for a fandom is a mystery, and yet it is. And it's like, the first thing I think of. Penguins! And I have only read two penguin fic. But there you go. Penguins make everything easier. Or something like that.

'k...first, I'm strugging (vainly) not to sign up for at least one rec, since just about every author on my flist has released their stories.

Second, I asked this once before and never got an answer, so I hope it's okay to ask it again. Do you ever see your SV muse reawakening so that you can finish Landscape? You posted everything but the ending, and it's...well, driving me crazy (no--not Belle Reve!) not to see where you're planning to take this for a conclusion.

*fights strong pull to go over and sign up to rec stories...must resist...*

Yes. The ending is roughly done. I just never finished editing it. If I give up, I'll post that, though it's--well. Even for me, it's rough.

*does her weird little happy dance* yay, you'll be writing more dS!!*starts dancing again, scares her neighbours,closes her drapes and continues to dance* as an avid reader of dS fandom fiction, I assure you;apparently, she's a complete slut so you needn't worry-I mean, ghost of dead father, deaf half-wolf fluent in human language,cute deranged Mounties in pumpkin-shaped pants is canon so...there's not really much you can go wrong with here....*continues her I'm-so-happy-you're-writing-dS dance*

Your Monday is awesome because it made me giggle on my Tuesday.

It's like this with every fandom. Especially with one who has had ten million partners before you or so the archive seems to imply.

For some reason, I suddenly have a new-found sense of respect and admiration for Ianto Jones. I never considered that sleeping with Jack would literally be facing that insecurity of an implied ten million partners before you.

Yes, exactly. Jack may not be able to count that high, you know. He has to contemplate that every so often with a vague sense of unease. Plus, immortal time-traveller. He could have slept with everyone. Literally.

Ianto tries not to think about who Jack's slept with before him. He's nowhere near secure enough to ask for a number (also, he's seen Jack's ability to keep track of his credit card payment; if Jack can't remember his credit limit, it's unlikely he's kept an accurate tally of sexual conquests) so instead, Ianto keeps a list. It stays in his wallet, behind his NHS card and doesn't have a title. It doesn't need one, because Ianto knows it's 'People Jack Had Better Not Have Slept With". It currently reads:

1. Either of my parents
2. Any of my siblings
3. Gwen
4. The Doctor
5. Martha Jones
6. Beatrix Potter
7.Bette Davis
8. William Shakespeare
9. Elle McPherson
10. William Shatner
11. Roald Dahl
12. Aristotle
13. Jane Austen

On good days, the list seems silly and unecessary. On bad days, Ianto simply hopes he won't end up crossing through every name.

He's definitely had Shatner...


*sniggers* You're probably right. Poor Ianto's head might explode when Jack decides to relate that little tale.

there's a reason I tried het there. That was edgy and kinky and weird.
You didn't!!!!! *falls over*

*sad* No. I felt dirty and very subversive that Brian got high with Daphne and had sex. My edginess, let me show you it.

No. NO! Not your edginess-

Wait- What? With Daphne...?? *squawks*

*helpful* And pregnancy.

You konw, funny thing is, I ran across a discussion about it this week, and wow, there was this one chick who like, seriously *hated* it. I mean, I totally understand, though to be fair, I ended it happy, but she like, went on and on in comments trying to convince someone not to read it and I was choking on soda it was so awesome.

And she also kept getting the ending wrong and you know, bash the story, fine, but get the ending right.

Like a moth to a candle I just went looking and - of course - found the one with the baby first...
Cute *cute* baby description so I went back and am currently reading the other one bwaha!

I've kind of shied clear of your QaF because the first one I ever dipped into was- can't remember what it was called - teen!Gus/Justin(?) and I could see it coming and could. Not. Stop. Reading. And that was when I first learned you were all kinds of 'evil' *G*

*winces* See, that one is kind of like the fourth level of fanfic. You have to be jaded, vaguely bitter against something in the fandom, and like--God, I don't even know.

...first one? Ouch. Almost as bad as Madelyn hitting A Handful of Dust for her first SV fic. Ouch times two.

Almost as bad as Madelyn hitting A Handful of Dust for her first SV fic
She did that? For real? *pets Madelyn*
I think I hit a randomly posted snippet of that and was just all 'HUH? What? Oh - evil!fic, Seperis style' but it certainly wasn't my first time reading your Smallville so it cetainly wasn't 'scarring' or anything...

Can't email - I haven't got an account set up on this laptop yet.

Holy WOW!!! And didn't that just play to just about every teenaged fantasy I ever had about - er, several guys actually *g* - only my fantasies never included drugs...

the name of gus/justin please

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