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think of it less as scary and more as a sign of creativity

Please don't laugh yet.

If you emailed about the volunteer thing, I totally saw it! And I am answering! I just, uh, changed my password on gmail, and yes, of course I have it written down, it's here in one of my folders. I just can't remember what I named the file and I'm at the hysterical blankness stage of memory, the part where everything looks like the one you want. So um, give me a few.

But this, I think, is proof this is not world conquest unless the plan is to induce fear through incompetence. Emailing tonight. If it's any consolation, I also lost the file that I started the author sign up list on. I mean, not *lost*, obviously it's saved. I just did a very *fast* save and I don't-quite--remember what I named it. It's like authorfile or peoplefile or possibly pqdpleflie because I was trying to type fast to do a quick restart.

Okay. You may laugh now.
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