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i feel like they don't know me at all
children of dune - leto 1
For the last few weeks, I've come to the startlingly obvious conclusion that teh world should be more like a combination of amazon and google, at least as far as purchasing things goes. Mostly amazon--more specifically, the wish list and the ability to click off stuff you either don't like or already own from the recommendations.

Itunes is seriously in need of this. Why, you ask. Funny story. They have that entire Music For You, which is a very logical extrapolation from your past musical buys to what you might buy later.

They don't even get it right by accident. And God help me, I went to check today--it could happen--and once again, a year running, Fallout Boy and Panic! At the Disco.

Plus, now, I'm contrary, which means they could write my epic song and I would hate it because they keep being shoved into the list willy-nilly and therefore, I reserve the right to hate them from a comfortable distance.

OTOH, I can't entirely blame them. I don't have a set pattern--well, I do. It's called Has Someone Vidded This Song?, which is what caused me to cave to itunes in the first place. At two in the morning and you have been watching sisabet's vids for five straight hours, you go with what takes five seconds. Which means my buying habits currently range from random monks chanting to Korn to NIN, which, let's just say, not something left to my own devices I would have bought. Which makes me suspicious of subliminal messages, but eh.

Trailers have a similar effect on me. But Vids pretty much are the reason I spent about two weeks late last year wandering around singing Bodies Like Sheep and making people look at me nervously.

So yes, I want a thingie that lets me reject certain songs and bands, and mark the ones I own, dammit. And a wish list, because sometimes it takes me a bit to like a song. Or more accurately, to find someone who has vidded it, and keeping a list of songs that maybe I like, or when I feel very eighties, or when I really need something in whalesong? That would be nice.

I also want a pony. And the moon. Hmm. I'm going to stare at Fraser some more.
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You know what I do for a wishlist? To accumulate songs I might like to buy but not just now? I created a playlist and drag the songs over to it, directly from the iTunes store, and it stores the 30-second clips to the playlist.

the only problem has been when I've gone to buy songs, once in a while the song I added to the 'wishlist' is no longer available. And that makes me go WTF?

the only problem has been when I've gone to buy songs, once in a while the song I added to the 'wishlist' is no longer available. And that makes me go WTF?

I HATE when that happens! It's so unfair, and there should be some kind of alert. "This song will be unavailable starting next Friday!" Damn them.

I just add them to my cart and leave them there, and then when I feel like buying something, I browse through and pick a few. I currently have about 250 songs in my shopping cart.


Speaking of vids... >.> *shamelessly doesn't actually comment about this post at all*

Could you possibly link me in the direction of the "Fancy" vid we were watching at con.txt? My vid search fu is... nonexistent. T_T *just had the urge to watch it this morning, and realized she does not actually have it*

Go to "See All" on the Just for You, hit "don't like it" for the ones you don't want it to show you again!

No wish list drives me crazy. Sometimes I just don't have the money for what I want and by the time I have the money I've forgotten about it.

Do you use Pandora? You start it by telling it a song, performer, or composer that you like, and it then plays songs that it thinks are like the one you gave it. You give it thumbs up or down and it modifies the selections accordingly. And there are links to let you buy what you like from either Amazon or iTunes, and you can bookmark songs or artists, and you can get a list of the things you bookmarked, or gave a thumbs up or down, and you can change your mind on things. You can set up multiple stations for different moods. You can go back and look at the list of songs that played during that session, and you can pause if the phone rings and you don't want to miss something. You can skip up to six songs an hour if you don't want to thumbs down them but you're not in the mood for them right then. You can tell it that you're tired of that song, don't play it for a month. And it's free, and it's legal!

You can't ask for a specific song at a specific time, or replay things when you want to, though it will replay things eventually, especially if you give them the thumbs up.

I use my thumbs up and bookmark lists as wish lists, and it's really great for finding out about groups you'd never heard of that you like . . .

Edited at 2008-07-31 11:46 am (UTC)

At least you manage to buy from Itunes? I was there about two weeks ago for the first time to look for some songs and seriously, I couldn't figure out what to click to actually get to the damn songs!

Have you tried Amazon mp3 downloads? No DRM, unlike apple. Unfortunately, it's not as extensive, but they probably have things that each other doesn't.

Bodies Like Sheep

conner? *perk*

That's how I got into iTunes, too. And then I just discovered Amazon mp3 downloads which is, whoa, so much easier, especially since I mostly listen to music on my non-ipod mp3 player, and you have no idea the hoops I have to go through to get iTunes music into mp3 format.

I got a pony, when I was 7. Not entirely what it is cracked up to be. I know you mean 'I want things I'll never get.' Still, it makes me laugh a little every time I see that.

Also, I echo the Pandora suggestion, it rocks like all that and a pony.

Turns out Amazon also sells MP3s as well as CDs, and since they have that wishlist function, I can stick the album the song in question is from on that sub-wishlist. Though I'm more likely to buy the entire CD off Half.com -- or hunt around for torrents of that artist's albums, sad to say.

Heh, my Amazon MP3 suggestion is redundant. But, seriously, I have the same "Has someone vidded to this?" response -- that seems to be how I find new music nowadays. (Lots of music, since I wind up seeking torrents by the artist and sometimes there'll be their entire discography in a single file. I'd feel more guilty about that if I didn't make a point of buying band T-shirts because I'm under the impression the artists get a bigger cut of that action than the pennies they get off an album sale.) In fact, the song that just came up on my player is one I saw a vid of, and what kind of saddens me now is that I find myself loving the artist (Flyleaf) and would like to rewatch the vid, except that I deleted it because I wasn't that impressed by the vid (though enough so by the song to hunt up the album) and now can't even remember what fandom it was in. Though I suspect if I went to YouTube and searched on artist and title it might come up a few entries down on the page...

If you click view all or see all if gives you the option of clicking already own or don't like *gets bored easily* still doesn't actually make it work... But it's there.

I feel you. I was trying to get last.fm to give me more songs like Morgan Grace, who is this female 'fuck you' feminist vocalist/song-writer from Portland. It gave me a lot of Portuguese soft rock. I don't even know.

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