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i feel like they don't know me at all

For the last few weeks, I've come to the startlingly obvious conclusion that teh world should be more like a combination of amazon and google, at least as far as purchasing things goes. Mostly amazon--more specifically, the wish list and the ability to click off stuff you either don't like or already own from the recommendations.

Itunes is seriously in need of this. Why, you ask. Funny story. They have that entire Music For You, which is a very logical extrapolation from your past musical buys to what you might buy later.

They don't even get it right by accident. And God help me, I went to check today--it could happen--and once again, a year running, Fallout Boy and Panic! At the Disco.

Plus, now, I'm contrary, which means they could write my epic song and I would hate it because they keep being shoved into the list willy-nilly and therefore, I reserve the right to hate them from a comfortable distance.

OTOH, I can't entirely blame them. I don't have a set pattern--well, I do. It's called Has Someone Vidded This Song?, which is what caused me to cave to itunes in the first place. At two in the morning and you have been watching sisabet's vids for five straight hours, you go with what takes five seconds. Which means my buying habits currently range from random monks chanting to Korn to NIN, which, let's just say, not something left to my own devices I would have bought. Which makes me suspicious of subliminal messages, but eh.

Trailers have a similar effect on me. But Vids pretty much are the reason I spent about two weeks late last year wandering around singing Bodies Like Sheep and making people look at me nervously.

So yes, I want a thingie that lets me reject certain songs and bands, and mark the ones I own, dammit. And a wish list, because sometimes it takes me a bit to like a song. Or more accurately, to find someone who has vidded it, and keeping a list of songs that maybe I like, or when I feel very eighties, or when I really need something in whalesong? That would be nice.

I also want a pony. And the moon. Hmm. I'm going to stare at Fraser some more.
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