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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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okay, one more thing
children of dune - leto 1
Child wants to do his science fair project about flatworms and how the child worm resembles the mother worm. Huh, I said, and wikipedia'ed.

Jenn: *quoting* "Flatworm reproduction is hermaphroditic..." This means--
Child: Hermaphroditic means the species they can have their own babies alone. Without anyone else.

Then he put a ribbon in his hair and wandered out saying he wants to do a genetic survey of fruit flies and flatworms. By ribbon, it's a baby clip with a ribbon on it that my sister made. There's a fairly good chance he's going to fall asleep wearing it and I will take incriminating pictures after putting the Spiderman plush doll my niece dressed in a pink jumper and yellow skirt beside him. Puberty is very close and I need to get ready.

Okay, fine, I'm indulging in high level parental glee.

Uh. Little known fact that surely, someone, somewhere, will need for a fic--the longest flatworm ever discovered was ninety feet long. It was a tapeworm.

I'm rethinking the entire 'worm experiment' thing. I just don't entirely trust him not to think it would be hilarious to put worms in my bed.

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My son grew spit in a petrie dish. Dog vs cat vs human. It was icky.

But at least it stayed in the petrie dish.

Just say no to worms.

Hmm. I thought you couldn't use animals in student science fair projects, even bugs?

i kind of love your kid.

Okay, when I finally have my kid? We are totally moving close to you. We need some of that awesomeness rubbing off on the little bugger. Also, my parents were flat against insects: plant experiments only.

Also: I totally knew that about the tapeworm! Thank you House!

Get an aquatic worm that has to stay in a water source? I mean, you bed might get damp but then the worms might not get far. Blackworms and leeches are pretty easy to culture and you can probably get the blackworms (the leeches are tagalongs) from a local fish store.

OMG you are the best parent ever.

Puberty is very close and I need to get ready.

Go read Brigantine's Son of Zorro, Take the Previous! You will feel INSPIRED! (And also all F/K gleeful. :-)

Oh man, I still have disturbing memories of that episode of House with the no-pain girl and her ginormous tapeworm.

I think worms in the bed would be especially likely if you took that blackmail pic and then actually let Child know about it before he's done with the science fair and the project "materials" have been disposed of...

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