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okay, one more thing

Child wants to do his science fair project about flatworms and how the child worm resembles the mother worm. Huh, I said, and wikipedia'ed.

Jenn: *quoting* "Flatworm reproduction is hermaphroditic..." This means--
Child: Hermaphroditic means the species they can have their own babies alone. Without anyone else.

Then he put a ribbon in his hair and wandered out saying he wants to do a genetic survey of fruit flies and flatworms. By ribbon, it's a baby clip with a ribbon on it that my sister made. There's a fairly good chance he's going to fall asleep wearing it and I will take incriminating pictures after putting the Spiderman plush doll my niece dressed in a pink jumper and yellow skirt beside him. Puberty is very close and I need to get ready.

Okay, fine, I'm indulging in high level parental glee.

Uh. Little known fact that surely, someone, somewhere, will need for a fic--the longest flatworm ever discovered was ninety feet long. It was a tapeworm.

I'm rethinking the entire 'worm experiment' thing. I just don't entirely trust him not to think it would be hilarious to put worms in my bed.
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