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so I had some time on my hands

So today, I thought, ahh, fandom will have a nice wind down and start mocking something that doesn't cause us all rage blackouts and whatnot. Which is true and false.

Law and Order: London (gakked from tzikeh)
No, really.

Law and Order: London
What would that Law & Order "clonk-clonk" noise (see video) sound like with a British accent?

We'll find out this fall when the Dick Wolf-produced legal franchise heads overseas with ITV's Law and Order: London.

Okay. Martha from Dr. Who and Apollo from BSG in Law and Order. I have no idea how I am going to wait for the premiere and not have some kind of cognitive break. I also start a countdown on the first LAO/Dr. Who crossover, which even if it's bad, is going to be awesome. It just is.

Jensenvention (gakked from--well, a lot of places)
It took several reads, a google cache search, and two people to explain to me what I was reading.

Explanation here. And an explanation of Jensenvention here. I think I worked it out. Never said I was all that great at deductive reasoning.

Here's what I got: correct me if I'm wrong.

So there is a website, Jensenvention. It is satire regarding Jensen Ackles life and career. It got a C&D and was shut down. some people are upset.


Syne and Internet Business
For those curious, synecdochic posted Internet Business Numbers for the Layperson.
So, thanks to several simultaneous issues going around, there are a number of people who are pointing at various internet properties that "fandom" uses and trying to place a valuation on them: how much money they're bringing in, what their operating costs are, and how much 'profit' they're making. I don't want to link to any of those conversations, because (IMO) every one that I've seen has some serious flaws in their methodology, either by overestimating income or underestimating costs, leading to vastly-inflated figures (for cost, income, or profit) being bandied about, and I don't want to perpetuate them. What I do want to do is talk a little bit about methodology, about how to make a estimation of the economics of an Internet property, and more importantly, how to spot grossly inflated numbers when they're slung around in an argument.

Some enlightening and nicely non-technical explanations of income, profit, overhead, and other--stuff. Did I mention I have not and never wanted to be a businessperson? Yeah. But if I can understand it, anyone can.

And with that, I am going to read something in porn. Maybe with handcuffs. It just depends.
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