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On LH and aggregating information: please pass on
children of dune - leto 1
Gakked from amireal, who gakked from tzikeh:
So much has been posted about LH and her wiki that it's often impossible to find exactly what you're looking for or what you need to back up your personal evidence. In order to collect the maximum number of references and refutations to laura hale with the minimum amount of work, a delicious account called "fanhistoryexpose" has been created. Anyone who cares to can send links to the account to be archived. (You can learn how to send a delicious link here.)

If you care to, delicious-tag any posts you've read/seen with the tag fanhistory:expose, if you have an account at delicious. The more people who do this, the easier it will be to collect the most information.

It would also be useful if people who have posted about LH lj-tag their own posts with fanhistory:expose as well.

Please pass this information along; the more we codify the tags on delicious and lj, the easier it will be to find what we need and to amass proof.

*dusts hands* I like tagging. That was fun.

ETA: Theoretically, fixed link.

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Hee, *nags* You missed both links! :p

The link you have to fanhistoryexpose is a /for/ send link - can you use this?


Muchas gracias!


*cranes neck* Okay, it's because I posted too many times today, right? That I lost my ability to make simple links.

It's been a >.< few days.

I only ask because I suck at del.icio.us: are we allowed to view the tagged links, and if so, how do we do that? -- I clicked through your "fanhistoryexpose" link, above, and found that I had to be logged in as "fanhistoryexpose" to view the tags. (I was logged in as "teenygozer".)

It's the wrong URL, that's for logged in stuff. Take the 'for' out.

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