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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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recs becaues i'm tired as hell
children of dune - leto 1
just...don't ask about my work computer and the errors out. just don't.

*breathes* Just TIRED. Dear God.

So. Recs I forgot last night while being temperamental.

Nereus Who Tells No Lies by thespike21 Adoration isn't enough. Post-Exodus Lex thinking, because seriously, he thinks ALL THE TIME. It's Spike, which makes it extraordinary, and this Lex?

What will it matter in the next life? He comes to it naked, grinning. Heart in hand.

I never learn, he tells the universe.

Best lines ever. *beaming*

More Nickyverse by dammitcarl Must sell soul to Jessica soon. This entire rental thing is stressing. I love Nicky. *sighs happily*

A Pale Distance by Nifra Idril. Wow. Whoever recced this on my LJ friends list? Thank you. Another just gorgeous piece, a Clark I love and want to marry Lex and have peace forever. *happy sigh* It's a unique view into Clark's head, and I like how she writes the character. Go for it.

Touch Therapy by fajrdrako. And don't we all wish our massages would turn out this good? I'll just leave it at that.

Raw by cjandre Mary Ellen? You might like this one. Hell, I LOVE this one and I have no actual kink for Alien!Clark. But--yeah. CJ takes an idea, spins it in circles, and lets it go to see what happens. And wow, does a lot happen. Fascinating look at a very, very alien Clark.

In the dream there were colors without names, which shifted and flowed like oil on water. Some of the colors were good to eat.

But in the dream he didn't know oil, or water, and eating did not require a mouth.

There were words that weren't sounds and touches that weren't from hands. These soothed him even though they weren't real, even though he knew it was the ship.


That concept did not change. Not like touch, water, and food. The ship never changed.

Not even when he did.

Really, REALLY good story.

And from today.

Numb by justblue0162 Has this been posted somewhere I don't know about? And does this author have more somewhere that, by some weird insane chance, I MISSED? Because MAN, I haev been seriously missing out here. Insurgence, vaguely AU in a way, lovely Lexness in extremis. And truly beautiful Clex going on. *pokes* Leave feedback. Stalk. Offer bribes. No, really. It IS that good.

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um. hi! I'm utterly wordless right now. *jenn* rec'd *me*. Wow! Thank you, thank you for the beautiful endorsement. I have enjoyed so many of your stories, several of them more than once. I even worked up the nerve to send you feedback on one of 'em! *love* the jennfic. Truly, madly, deeply. But.. bad news. :( That is my one and only SV fic. There are more brewing though, I promise!

And.. wow. :) Thanks again!

*hugs* *pokes* write!

I'm insatiable like that. It was just so GOOD. *happy sigh*

Glad you liked the story, Jenn - I will seriously consider the sequel...

there is still a lot for Lex to teach Clark!


As Jenn implied, I am the Official Flag-Waver and Chief Pimp for Alien!Clark. I was already planning to rec this story, but was waiting for it to show up on SSA. Glad to hear it's heading that way!

I love Kryptosexual!Clark, of course, but I especially like your explanation of "why Clark looks human" -- a widely-ignored problem.

As I mentioned elsewhere - the version on my LJ was sort of a preliminary post. There are more than my usual number of typos in A Real Boy (RAW) because I pulled an all nighter to finish it *g*

But it was fun!

Anyway, I got through all my beta's corrections and did a re-write last night, expanding slightly some parts of the ending and correcting some of the choreography during the sex scenes. I sent it back to my beta and hope to have it up on SSA in the next day or two. I'll announce in my LJ when it goes up.


Alien!Clark is one of my huge kinks - I love to explore it. And the fact that he looks so human is something that I always feel the need to explain. In "Golden" Reet and I were looking at the fact that his biological differences were just not real obvious. That worked for the story, but is ultimately an unsatisfactory explanation - it still leaves too much coincidence unexplained as far as the visible similarities.

The idea that Kryptonians were something else entirely and Clark was transformed to fit in with us makes much more sense to me both in terms of how he looks like us, and in terms of his powers and vulnerabilities that are NOT like us.

If Kryptonians were actually energy creatures of some kind, then the effect of the yellow star's radiation and the radiation off of Kryptonite is much easier to understand.

I also think that the way that Clark's skin is impenetrable when he is healthy but vulnerable when he is not (Fever) and the fact that he can catch a falling person without breaking their neck (Dichotic) could be explained if he is actually extending a field of energy that protects his skin but is disrupted when he is ill, and extends further to cushion the whole surface of any object he is catching.

It also better explains the episode where Clark lost his powers. (Leech?) If his strength comes from energy fields, these would be more easily transeferred than purely PHYSICAL strength.

hmmm this got really long didn't it? LOL I better stop now and just say - glad you liked the story!


It's a HUGE flag. *ducks flag pole edge* Huge.

Ooh yes. So MANY things.

*drools quietly* Soon? *hopeful*

I probably dont' tell you this enough, but you give *great* recs. Thanks for going to the trouble of not only reading the stories (which probably is no trouble at all!) but finicking around creating the links. It's a big help, and I've often caught stories thanks to your recs about which I otherwise would never have known.

Studiously avoiding asking about Work Computer. Look, this is me not asking.

*hugs* Thanks so much, chica. *hugs more, just for fun* It's a REALLY good excuse to read everything I can. *g*

*looking at computer now* It's--making me nervous. Being good and all.

I would ask if it's still jealous, but it might be listening in.

*worries* It's a tricky computer. very, very tricky.

Oooh, thank you for mentioning "Touch Therapy". I am thrilled!

And thank you again for recommending stories you have liked. I always appreciate recommendation lists, and I would trust and respect your taste.

The frustrating thing? I'm at work and can't just go and read the stories you recommend NOW the way I want to. Delayed gratification - hmmph.


Delayed gratification? I think I know the meaning of those two words, but not together. *wonders*

And it was a PRETTY story,honey. Whew. Very.

Can I join the 'pinch me' club?

First off - I'm bad. I know I am. I read all of your fic, start lengthy letters telling you what I adore about them, and then? I stop. Because I don't want to seem too stalkery. But, damn it, I kinda am. So. In short: Your fic? Blows my mind. Completely. Gladly Beyond? Read it through once, and then again, and I swear I'll be able to recite it from memory soon. Just...Gah. The proposal scene? There are *no* words to describe how much I loved that. *insert fawnage here*

And then *you* recc'd *me*. I'm really going to need a few days to recover from the utter shock of glee! Just, squealing, and dancing (which, thank goodness, no one saw...*winces) and...whoa. I...thank you. *blushing* Glad you liked it...and damn. You recc'd me.

That was pretty stalkery wasn't it?

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