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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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well. in my defense, there's this song? stuck in my head.
children of dune - leto 1
Some of you might get a kick out of this, and it's weirdly appropriate considering our theme of the month is involuntary outing. Now, sure, we've been talking about, oh, people doing it maliciously.

You know what we haven't covered? Doing it from stupidity.

This is how not to try and do work, answer feedback, chat with a coworker about a test and talk to amireal and svmadelyn on AIM.

Specific names removed.

tom (9:24:10 AM): but you don't have to change the cases in any way?
tom(9:24:19 AM): what did the query ask for?
tom (9:44:51 AM): i did the query wrong
tom (9:44:55 AM): i forgot the E
tom (9:45:09 AM): there are a bunch of cases with 006
tom (9:45:15 AM): my bad

This is where it all went hideously wrong.

jenn (9:59:32 AM): whoa.
jenn (9:59:34 AM): The deletion log.
jenn (9:59:37 AM): //removed dialogue regarding FH that shouldn't be repeated//
tom (9:59:53 AM): //name removed// who?
jenn (10:00:01 AM): //name removed//.
jenn (10:00:03 AM): Check this.
jenn (10:00:09 AM): //FH LINK//
jenn (10:02:04 AM): Okay, //name deleted// was deleted, //name removed// was deleted, //name removed// was deleted, //name removed//--and all of OTW
tom (10:03:06 AM): you do know you are talking to me, right?

I will say this. It only took me a full minute to finish panicking.

jenn (10:03:15 AM): Oh, sorry

Let me tell you, trying to explain All of Fandom, slash, the significance of the link, my past nine years in fandom, and slash was--uh. Well.

Okay, what got to me was this:

tom (10:08:27 AM): so you think that it will hurt their reputation if they are found out writing gay literature?

At which time I fell off my chair, nearly broke my ankle, hobbled to his cubicle (CUBICLE) to start this: "Once upon a time there was a Captain who loved a Vulcan very, very much...."

*grins* He called it literature. See why I like him?

I'm going to go--um. Well. Work on some literature, maybe.

*rocking back and fourth*

At least you aren't replying into an open document, instead of the IM window. Happened to a couple of coworkers, and was caught by the writers later....

Oooh God. *shudders* That--yeah.

*grins* He called it literature. See why I like him?

Literature... *giggles*

I don't know him, but ♥ ♥ ♥

I .....don't think anyone can top this*stares at your post in morbid fascination ,torn between pitying you and laughing her ass off* also, your coworker is cool; literature-hell yes!!*nods in appreciation*

God, if it had been anyone else...*shudders*

"Once upon a time there was a Captain who loved a Vulcan very, very much...."

LOL! Oh I know it was probably embrassing but you made me laugh so much.

*curled up in tight ball* Ohhhhyeah.

Oh God. This is, like, my worst nightmare. I always double- and triple-check before I hit enter while IMing both family and fannish friends at the same time, to ensure total avoidance of cross-contamination.

Still, gay literature. That's fantastic. At least he's cool, right? :-D

I used to do that with mailing lists. Cause once, I totally *did* send an email to the wrong place--with humiliating results.

NEVER AGAIN. Except, y'know, today.


Could have been worse. You could have hit 'reply to all' instead of 'reply to my specific individual friend' and spread your loathing for your plagiarizing dissertation director all over the known academic universe as I saw somebody do on a scholarly listserv a decade ago.

....oh my God.


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Wow, it only took you about five minutes to explain? you type fast!

I was supershort version. *g*

Ever since I started doing simultaneous parallel IM windows with my sister, my husband, and my slash cowriter, I've been very, very, *very* careful about what I say in which window to whom. :-)

Ahahahahahaha!!! That is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

Or, you could multitask between OTW work and fiddling with your work resume, and instead of an induction document attach the resume to a mass email to new volunteers.

Thank god I noticed it before I hit "send". *facepalm*

"Once upon a time there was a Captain who loved a Vulcan very, very much...."

aww, the love that will never die! Is something happening with OTW?

Yay! Literature working.

I... cannot even imagine. Oh my god.

*offers booze*

"tom (10:08:27 AM): so you think that it will hurt their reputation if they are found out writing gay literature?"

If both of you are unmarried, you might consider doing something about that. Otherwise, he still seems to be a pretty awesome friend.