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well. in my defense, there's this song? stuck in my head.

Some of you might get a kick out of this, and it's weirdly appropriate considering our theme of the month is involuntary outing. Now, sure, we've been talking about, oh, people doing it maliciously.

You know what we haven't covered? Doing it from stupidity.

This is how not to try and do work, answer feedback, chat with a coworker about a test and talk to amireal and svmadelyn on AIM.

Specific names removed.

tom (9:24:10 AM): but you don't have to change the cases in any way?
tom(9:24:19 AM): what did the query ask for?
tom (9:44:51 AM): i did the query wrong
tom (9:44:55 AM): i forgot the E
tom (9:45:09 AM): there are a bunch of cases with 006
tom (9:45:15 AM): my bad

This is where it all went hideously wrong.

jenn (9:59:32 AM): whoa.
jenn (9:59:34 AM): The deletion log.
jenn (9:59:37 AM): //removed dialogue regarding FH that shouldn't be repeated//
tom (9:59:53 AM): //name removed// who?
jenn (10:00:01 AM): //name removed//.
jenn (10:00:03 AM): Check this.
jenn (10:00:09 AM): //FH LINK//
jenn (10:02:04 AM): Okay, //name deleted// was deleted, //name removed// was deleted, //name removed// was deleted, //name removed//--and all of OTW
tom (10:03:06 AM): you do know you are talking to me, right?

I will say this. It only took me a full minute to finish panicking.

jenn (10:03:15 AM): Oh, sorry

Let me tell you, trying to explain All of Fandom, slash, the significance of the link, my past nine years in fandom, and slash was--uh. Well.

Okay, what got to me was this:

tom (10:08:27 AM): so you think that it will hurt their reputation if they are found out writing gay literature?

At which time I fell off my chair, nearly broke my ankle, hobbled to his cubicle (CUBICLE) to start this: "Once upon a time there was a Captain who loved a Vulcan very, very much...."

*grins* He called it literature. See why I like him?

I'm going to go--um. Well. Work on some literature, maybe.
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