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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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I Call It Fiction, Myself
children of dune - leto 1
LH AKA partly bouncy AKA etc has posted an apology: I'm using the one mirrored by nestra to avoid giving her any more traffic. Located here.

The marvelous sl_walker, former sysop at FH, refutes her here in a line by line.

hector_rashbaum, former sysop at Fan History, has further refutation here and anarchicq provides more information here.

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You know, as someone who has a certain, shall we say, experience with Web 2.0, a). vulture capital to pay your freakin' hosting bill is shooting off a nuclear weapon to swat a fly; b). uh, no, you don't have enough work to justify adding as many staff as you say you want to add, so unsurprisingly, someone sound the cronyism alarm; my theory is that she was planning on using that VC to fund motivators to contribute to the wiki, using the FabLib model of contests and iPods and etc; c). there is no way in holy hell that the vulture capitalists will touch her with a thousand-foot pole without some evidence of successful Web 2.0 work -- you are your resume when it comes to VC -- and she is probably starting to realize this; d). the cynical side of me is betting that she does realize this and is starting to panic about luring people back to work for her for free.

You know. Just sayin'.

I honestly can't see *who* other than other fanpeople would want to support it in the state it's in. Not to mention her business ethics aren't actually ethics and she's a proponent of screwing-over.

As is--yep. Agreed.

My favourite reply to her pitch over at TechChrunch is this -

"My company caters specifically to fans. Fans are intensely loyal to businesses that treat them well and take them seriously, and quick to denounce those that don't. Our success is based on carefully nurturing our relationships with our customer base. Word of mouth and our good reputation are our two most powerful marketing tools. I googled your name. Your reputation among your fandom peers is that you are controlling, obsessive, and act on your personal grudges. That doesn't encourage me to invest in you or support FH. Nor does the fact that FH has very little content of interest to prospective users, or that will ensure repeat visits. Padding a wiki with bot-culled profiles from fanfiction .net is not the same as creating content. A pan-fandom wiki is a nice idea, but poor execution and your poisoned reputation make FanHistory a sure loser. "

I think that says it all really.

That's the most awesome reply *ever*. Oh how I want to be him/her when I grow up.

I didn't know anything about this, not even the site until I started reading your posts about it but I have to say that this woman is definitely scary. She's so vindictive and manipulating that I feel bad for all the people who are going to believe that bullshit apology of hers. And this might sound mean but I'm so glad that this isn't my fandom. Sorry.

I did check out the site in question a little bit though and can see how this would have been a great idea in someone else's hands. Maybe you guys can have a mutiny and overthrow her so someone else can do it, someone who is purely doing it for the fandom.

So for what it's worth that's my two cents.


All of this is bullshit. And that is not entertaining, or amusing to screw with people's time or efforts to get your site up. We have places to be assholes, that's why I hang out in capslocks comms and fark. LEAVE IT OVER THERE.

I have to say, fascinating stuff. This is what I get for staying away from LJ for nearly three months. Finally miss a big brouhaha that involves someone I'm vaguely acquainted with.

I see she's hit the big time. From my experience, she was showing this potential in the late '90s. One and only member to ever be banned from PTF for the life of the list (a decision not made lightly). I couldn't even tell you specifics now because my memory is shot. But--

hmmm, this latest escapade does not shock me.

One and only member to ever be banned from PTF for the life of the list (a decision not made lightly).

Oh, man. I knew she disappeared from the list, but had forgotten about the banning. (What I do recall was that she was obssesive about her fandom peeves, and made a pest of herself in chat.)

Well, hello!

You don't want to know how long it took me to figure out who you are ... even though I have your LJ bookmarked to check in on from time to time. LOL

Now have you friended as I was quite enjoying sifting through your entries to see where life has taken you.

And what you recall about you-know-who, from my recollection, just touches the tip of the iceberg, even back then.

Hey there yourself!

I posted anonymously elsewhere (and without definite details)about my one frustrating personal experience with her. Basically, I helped her on a project, and she more or less double-crossed me.

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