Seperis (seperis) wrote,

poll closing and other things

Okay, as of today, the Smallville Fanfic Poll is closed. And to everyone who answered, a HUGE thank you, and wow, this is scary amounts of information to organize! *g*

*big hugs to everyone* I'm REALLY going to enjoy this. Give me a couple of weeks to organize and practice the arcane art of math, the likes of which is scariness. The rough total of respondants between LJ, email, and comments is about 140-145, but I haven't done an official count yet and am still organizing them all into one convenient location.

Let's see....

Review of Nocturne up at the diary and at Eat Crow. I'm suggesting reading thamiris in her LJ, latxcvi at Eat Crow, or lexcorp_hope at Eat Crow for actual episode information. I haven't been this bored since--I have NO idea. Just didn't do much for me.

Also, recs here and here at the diary. Ther'es porn in some. A LOT of porn. And this is to the good.

Finished and posted In a Yellow Wood, because Beth wanted a big Vortex AU. *G* Jack picked the title, because as stated many times before, I suck at titles.

Well, that's a lot of links, isn't it? INTERESTING stuff. Go read those people.
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