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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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meta link: liviapenn and fannish profiteering
children of dune - leto 1
So it's not over, or at least, not yet. As we are--wait, let me quote this--right. A unique marketing opportunity.

liviapenn talks here about partly bouncy's ultimate motive for being an asshat--to wit, selling her wiki.

Quote from partly bouncy:
Had a great big chat with the major Fan History sysops regarding Fan History and its potential and if they'd be comfortable if I ever sold it, etc. The people who are the sysops pretty much realize that, for some of that, I'm sitting on a really nice, pretty comprehensive market research tool. That doesn't even begin to get into various other things I have compiled, like lists of LiveJournal communities that you can advertise your in fandom material on, contact lists, private demographic studies I've done, polling data, etc. The potential there for using that from a marketing perspective at fandom is nice. (It is why Fan History does NOT have a GNLU license and why our privacy policy is rather vague.)

*thoughtful* Well. I am glad her sysops were also awesome with this when she told them about it.

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I just - I don't get how a person can be so... slimy.

I mean, if someone described this character to me, I would be thinking, "Eh, too unbelievable. A one-note character, like someone in a sit-com." At this point, she seriously, seriously creeps me out. It's just grotesque.

Yes! That's pretty much the *exact* description of her. It's creepy.

sorry random passer by and not really following this issue but that quote made my brain hurt trying to read it


have a nice day!

She's a miracle of weird, bizarre, creepy quotes like that. *shivers*

This is Laura Hale, right? She tried to recruit me to work on this thing a couple of years ago, re: my history in B7 fandom. She wanted me to write up the history of Blake's 7 fandom, heavy on the fannish in-fighting. I got a wrong-buzz off her and just let that drop somewhere along before I even got started.

Smart. Very smart. I knew her vaguely from Voyager and by rep later, so I stayed far, far away.

I'm hoping that as this news spreads she's banned from every fannish community out there.

*sad* I only wish she was on my comms so I could ban. *sad*

Okay, so I watched her pitch video, and I am kind of flabbergasted. She appears to be several years younger than me. I became an active member of fandom at age 22, and at that time I was already hearing her name as a psycho troublemaker. WTF. Was she just like bored in high school and started wanking and never stopped? I don't understaaaand.

She's been in fandom as long as I remember, and I started in Voyager in 1999, so--pretty much, yeah. And being wanky straight through.

Funny that she should mention the word "tool" in her quote. I have long associated that person and that word in my mind. Oh, and a couple of times in my journal. *hands*

She makes my head hurt. A lot.

Scary thing is, I recognize her name, just can't remember where from. Bu to say inaccurate reports of past fandom infighting is a prime marketing tool? Sense make not.

I've never had the displeasure of crossing paths with her (online wank and I are mostly strangers, thank the gods!), but each time I hear about her, my stomach twists a little harder.

(Icon refers to her, not you, of course.)

I wish there was a way to toast the whole Fanwiki thing. It's sorta scary-bad, and it sounds like people have NO CONTROL over whether she takes there stuff, their info or their identities.


This whole thing gives me the creeps in so many ways. *shudders*

If anyone needs a laugh after all of this, an ex-contributer made some creative changes to the main page of the wiki. They were taken down almost immediately, but there are screencaps here.

Lasted two hours before the tech guy actually fixed it. Here, have some more:

I don't recall this convo. I remember her mentioning wanting to sell it, and I blew it off because I was sure no one would ever buy it. Then again, I was never quite a major sysop.

Hi! By the way.

Hi! And you and your friend--fantastic. The emails it set off could fill an *ocean* that I received today about it. *g*

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