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meta link: liviapenn and fannish profiteering

So it's not over, or at least, not yet. As we are--wait, let me quote this--right. A unique marketing opportunity.

liviapenn talks here about partly bouncy's ultimate motive for being an asshat--to wit, selling her wiki.

Quote from partly bouncy:
Had a great big chat with the major Fan History sysops regarding Fan History and its potential and if they'd be comfortable if I ever sold it, etc. The people who are the sysops pretty much realize that, for some of that, I'm sitting on a really nice, pretty comprehensive market research tool. That doesn't even begin to get into various other things I have compiled, like lists of LiveJournal communities that you can advertise your in fandom material on, contact lists, private demographic studies I've done, polling data, etc. The potential there for using that from a marketing perspective at fandom is nice. (It is why Fan History does NOT have a GNLU license and why our privacy policy is rather vague.)

*thoughtful* Well. I am glad her sysops were also awesome with this when she told them about it.
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