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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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meta link: fannish privacy redux
awesome bunny
svmadelyn has some thoughts on what partly_bouncy is up to with her open outing of fans and breaking fannish privacy here.

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Huh... Depending on where partly_bouncy is based, she's actually in active violation of the Data Protection Act 1998 here in the UK (I'm fairly sure there's similar legislation around the world).

Also, I can only feel shame. People like partly_bouncy makes working in an industry that already makes me feel like I'm in negative karma points even worse. I work in advertising and marketing as well (from the tech and technical analysis side fyi). Sounds like she isn't particularly good either, if she's doing something like this to the target audience (negative publicity is never good; companies spend millions trying to change the way their brands are perceived let alone fixing perception problems).

Dude, is this comment from what's her name, that girl that keeps stalking you?

Hmm, okay maybe not. poppet_bebop's journal has been active since 2002-06-04. Never mind!

ffff bitch.

I need a "fail" icon. There's just too much fail going around lately.

Partly_bouncy's appalling behaviour reeks of envy to me, rather than mere greed or anti-OTW politics. Sadly, we cannot hit her over the head with a shovel, even a metaphoric one.

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